Top Five turn-based games on Xbox One

We all need to slow down a little. Relax. Take time out of our hectic schedules to ponder our decisions, rather than plunging headlong without pause for thought.

Turn based games allow us to sit back and take a breath, consider all the options before making a decision. There might be a timer to keep things from stalling completely, but even so they still offer a different gaming experience.

Here are five of the best.

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opinionated701d ago

Too bad none of those even comes close to xcom 2 lol.

PeaSFor701d ago

...and they didnt even include Divinity original sin, really?

pretty lame, i would say even more lame than your post.

opinionated701d ago

They show a picture of Xcom 2 and then a bunch of crap titles that aren't even close. That's fact. Talk about lame, you lash out in defense of your product for no reason like a fanboy. I was actually curious and no, none of them stack up to Xcom 2. None of them stack up to enemy unknown. And why isn't that BC yet?

PeaSFor701d ago (Edited 701d ago )

"They show a picture of Xcom 2"

oh i see, i didnt even noticed the picture to be honest, so forget the lame post part, my bad.

"you lash out in defense of your product for no reason like a fanboy."

wait, wut?

WellyUK701d ago

Isn't that Xcom EU? Which was on xbox.

quent701d ago

A top 20 turn based games for pc would be pretty sweet, I remember enjoying games like gory 17 and septerra core, even though the review scores weren't very favorable.