Ryan Payton Has Left Kojima Productions (Mentions MGS5)

Ryan Payton (hats, in tow) have left Kojima Productions. The Assistant Producer spearheaded a more Western approach to controls for Metal Gear Solid 4, making the game far more approachable and much tighter than the previous installment. He also helped warm the MGS4 team up to more Western developed games like Gears of War as well. Why did he leave and what's next? His answers after the jump.

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Lucreto3759d ago

I hope Ryans mom will be ok and it is understandable that he would want to be closer.

I wish him the best of luck and good health to him and his family.

HeartlesskizZ3759d ago

great comment... I totally agree

Lifendz3759d ago

best wishes to this guy and his family. I hope all of you take a moment to tell someone close to you how you feel about them in light of this.

MGS5 starring Raiden FTW!

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

yeah, on the Bonus disc it showed that his parents weren't very keen to the idea of him living so far away.

oh well, i wish him the best.

AnthonyPerez3758d ago

I also hope his mother does well and that he lands on his feet. Perhaps he can start working independently. Maybe he'll make the next Braid.

Do you guys know if he has a blog?

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UnblessedSoul3759d ago

So I guess those in game podcasts wont be coming then

Relcom3759d ago

Good luck in the future bro and thanks for making my MGS4 controls awesome!

hardmetal3759d ago

Well done .. Well said.

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The story is too old to be commented.