Fable 2: new gameplay video

"Here is a new gameplay video of Fable 2 which was playable at Microsoft Games booth at Games Convention Leipzig."

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Noel Sulik3759d ago

Cool video. I can't wait for this game.

marinelife93759d ago

I must be turning into a graphics whore because my hype for this game just tempered with that video.

thewhoopimen3759d ago

That 2nd player really retarded the game for me. I don't even know what he/she is doing... Playing the 2nd charc like a dumb ai.

mrnjl3759d ago

Nice one MS. Wait until the last day of the GC to show off one of your biggest titles. =S
Ohwell, at least it looks great and cannot wait to play it later this year.

felidae3759d ago

are you kidding me?

hello Peter M. ... this is the "next generation" of videogames, not the last.

Josie293759d ago

Are you going to give all the 360 fans a bj when Fable 2 outscores every game in the ps3's fall line-up?

RoidRage3759d ago

Better get that throat in shape p*ssy, cause I'm going to ride your head like a mechanical bull.

zapass3759d ago

i like the 'retro' rendering style, very well done: it really looks and feels PS2

after KZ2, MGS4, uncharted, HR, it's refreshing to see some developers who still appreciate the immortal charms of low polygon count and low framerate :P

I feel sorry for Peter Molyneux, he used to have a very talented team.

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The story is too old to be commented.