Ed Boon Sends Series Of MKXL Polls; Kombat Pack 3 Imminent?

Ed Boon is a very cryptic person on Twitter. But the latest tweets from him suggest that a new Kombat Pack could be very much on the way!

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Hoffmann945d ago

He is just trolling again.

oakshin945d ago

I waited for xl for a reason man i hate dlc with a passion

SourtreeDing945d ago

dont buy it? keep your game as is and miss out on new content... i rather have DLC then wait for a whole new game

ZaWarudo945d ago

As much as i like Jade, i'd take another chance at Skarlet.

And yes to Noob Saibot.

Benoski945d ago

I would've thought with the XL release that they would've moved onto Injustice 2 by now.

So for that, I'm calling BS on this.

Hold_It945d ago

Exactly. The results of the polls aren't going to mean anything anyways if we go by the results of the Injustice poll. Static (Vergil) and Powergirl were the top of the poll for injustice DLC, but Batgirl and Martian ended up being DLC.

chenard4945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

The pre production on Injustice two began half a year ago.

They most likely have a small team just working on dlc for MK. Everyone else is full swing on Injustice.

To keep MK alive...They need to mimic KI.

Lets ship MK9 like challenge towers.

MasterD919945d ago

Save them for the next one. With XL out, they would be stepping into Capcom's shoes.

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