VideoGamer: MotoGP 2008 First Look

After years of MotoGP games arriving on Xbox and PlayStation formats from different developers and publishers, Capcom is finally bringing a game to unify the formats. MotoGP 08 from established racing game developer Milestone is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and PS2. At Games Convention 2008 VideoGamer got a chance to see the Xbox 360 version in action for the first time, and they are glad to report that the licence appears to be in good hands.

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AZgamerB3yond3735d ago

I really wish Sony never gave us trophies. No game seems to be supporting them and they are something of a joke. I dont need achievements or trophies or awards or ribbons or cookies or attaboys or fill in the blank in digitized form. if i wanted to see a picture of a trophy Id look it up on google image. give us HOME sony!