4 Reasons Why 3D Platformers Are So Awesome

You might not need convincing to try out a 3D platformer like Ratchet & Clank but if you do need the little push then check out these 4 reasons as to why you should pick up a 3D platformer.

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-Foxtrot942d ago

I hope Ubisoft brings back 3D Rayman. Really sick of the side scrolling ones now.

Movefasta1993941d ago

the only 3d rayman i played was the great escape,that was way better than these 2d raymans imo.

lizard81288942d ago

I can't wait for games like A Hat In Time and Yooka-Laylee

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madworld942d ago

Agree 100% it is freaking awesome I had an amazing time with this game last week

GrubsterBeater942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Just got the new Ratchet and Clank last night. I have been a huge platformer fan and R&C fan since the beginning, and this new one nailed it. I can't stop playing it. I keep switching between Dark Souls 3 and R&C. Lol

This is the way that platformers should be done, and others need to start making games like this. I can't even imagine how amazing it would be to see a new Crash, Sly, or Jak game that is built like this one.

Hopefully developers and such see how well this R&C has done, and hopefully we see a resurgence of old-school PS platformers.

This game only adds to the already long list of reasons to buy a PlayStation 4.

Razputin942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

How far along are you? I hope it is the 11ish hours Insomniac said it was. Want to buy it for my girl and watch her play.

We still have all the previous ones.

I would also like to see the comeback of action adventure 3D games like this.

With so many developers and publishers out of the picture the PS2 Era of adventure games died down dramatically.

All we are getting is annual rehashes, and a lot of them are good but they aren't fun to play like games like this.

Retroman941d ago

Agree 100%
hope we see a resurgence of oldschool ps platformer games.

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The story is too old to be commented.