First PS3 Firmware 2.5 Details

A development source has told CVG that PS3 firmware update 2.5 is rumoured to have screen grabbing built in.

Exactly how this would be done and what you could do with the shots once you've grabbed a piece of the action isn't yet known. But you've got to reckon that uploading them to a server and showing off and using the images as themes would be a safe bet.

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Alexander Roy3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Am I the only one who would rather see "real" custom music in games, i.e. not needing the game's support, before we get something new to tinker with?
Anyway, nice to see more and more features. Though I'd love to see them get them right one after another instead of just cramming them in somehow...
I can dream, can't I?

sonarus3764d ago

Custom music won't happen unless sony forces developers to put it in.

I really really want a music player though and some ipod support damn it. That other way is just a plain ol hustle

StephanieBBB3764d ago

Private in-game chat between friends.

This compliated by the new bluethooth headset that's coming with socom would be the best thing that have hit the PS3 since MGS4. No lie.

kindi_boy3764d ago

i don't see details where are the details?!
this article is a waste of time...

Mr_Bun3764d ago

Firmware 2.5 might be able to screen capture...that is all is in the article

SI7VER3764d ago

Sony cannot implement the standard for all games to use custom soundtracks, due to Microsoft owns a patent on it. If you don't believe me...Do some research bud.


Jellzy3764d ago

As much as ingame custom soundtracks would be pretty good, the fact i have a bluetooth dongle hooked up2 the PC just so i can use my bluetooth headsets 2 speak to friends across games, and during games (between loading etc..) is ridiculous.

Kudos 4 microsoft on their corss-game-chat, as its really the only feature that the PS3 is sorely in need of.

kindi_boy3764d ago

i know that information is there and i happen to know it (don't ask how, forgot).

but that's no where near the word DETAIL. this person needs to check his vocabulary.

pwnsause3764d ago

"Uumm just FYI,
Sony cannot implement the standard for all games to use custom soundtracks, due to Microsoft owns a patent on it. If you don't believe me...Do some research bud.


Uh, yes they can, Warhawk is going to do it.

PimpHandStrong3764d ago

i couldnt agree less about custom music

while games like MLB The Show and a few other games have custom music i just wanted to say

Music in some games moves the game along

Madden: I have Sam Spencer playing only! I would never think of putting any other music over my Madden. IMO the NFL deal for EA rules because they can put that music into the game!

If game makers want you to have custom music they can add it to the game. If devs want you to hear the music they made to create a feeling of suspense then i would advise not throwning your own music over top of it

mfwahwah3764d ago

I agree, but it's different with online MP. When I'm playing CoD4, I want to listen to my playlist. I've been listening to music while I play games since I started playing WoW a few years ago. I always liked listening to my music while grinding, raiding, PvPing, etc.

When it comes to SP, I agree. Many times the music fits really well and adds to the atmosphere. For instance, I can't really imagine playing a game like Devil May Cry 4 and listening to Fat Boy Slim lol.

solidt123764d ago

You do know that you can listen to music on your iPod Now right. the problem is that you can't see the title names of the songs due to Apples encryption. But if you plug in your iPod then hit triangle and display all you can see the files and play them.

pwnsause3763d ago

why disagree if Warhawk is doing it via the XMB? you press the PS button, then go to music, then play it while in game. are you guys dumb?

Alexander Roy3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Since most people seem to mistake my first comment as bashing or just don't get my point, let me elaborate further.

When I play MGS4, I wouldn't dare to lay a finger on the music. During the Olympic Games a few days ago, I saw a recap of the highlights. They played the MGS4 Love Theme in the background. I cried. I remembered that rollercoaster of emotions I went through during the game and shed a few tears while watching Usain Bolt breaking two WR's in slow motion.

I recently started Final Fantasy XII again. I've come to a point where I need some intense grinding to unlock some things on the license board, just because I like the feeling of being overpowered. Gives me the freedom of concentrating on the story instead of number crunching and having to fear every second boss. Racking up a line of 200 Skeletons in the Lhusu Mines is a chore. Listening to the BGM for the first three rotations, but after that, it just leeches my brains out.
That is the grinding example mfwahwah already did.
If I had the option to listen to some stand-up comedy while doing it, it would be easier - more enjoyable - to me.

The very first time I played Star Wars Episode One: Racer, I won every single track on the first try. I just *pwnd* every opponent. The third race in or the last four (the ones you have to unlock), I couldn't win. I always got carried out of the corners. Didn't hit the brakes right. Didn't get the boost ready soon enough. After ten or so tries, I got up, put a CD - the very first Pokémon Series OST (you may laugh now) - and put the Team Rocket song on loop. On my first try, I finished the race second. I restarted the race one last time - and won by more than ten seconds lead.

To me, music is important. It can affect both my body and mind to a large degree (if I listen the right way). It can get me pumped. Sooth me. Make me nervous. Remind me of things. Help me concentrate. Make my blood boil.

Now, there are games that have a perfectly fitting OST, IMHO. MGS4 for one. But that isn't true for all of them, the reasons being explained in the last few paragraphs. I hope more people get my point now. I really want build-in custom soundtracks. Yes, I can listen to my iPod while playing, no big thing. But it isn't exactly convenient. We have the option in some games and that's all cool, but I would be *happy* to see it being realized better.

And even though I still think that a screenshot option is gimmicky, I like the idea. Even if it just makes it easier to show off your highscores.

Lord Anubis3763d ago

screen captures are already in some games/ as long as you have a keyboard with your PS3. I guess they are putting it on the xmb like they did with the in-game music (too a feature that had been there before but not on the xmb)

DanB913763d ago

MS has a patent on OS based in game music, meaning ALL games can play custom music in game and the dev doesn't really have to do anything to enable this feature.

To get around this, the dev for the game has to implement the option themselves. Just because you can access in game music via the XMB on warhawk doesnt mean Sony can automatically make all games support it.

The option of accessing music via the XMB isn't OS based. All its there for is so that devs don't have to create their own interfaces to enable it.

Sitdown3763d ago

"When I play MGS4, I wouldn't dare to lay a finger on the music. During the Olympic Games a few days ago, I saw a recap of the highlights. They played the MGS4 Love Theme in the background. I cried. I remembered that rollercoaster of emotions I went through during the game and shed a few tears while watching Usain Bolt breaking two WR's in slow motion. "

*slowly backs out*

morganfell3763d ago

This article kills me. They have no idea how screen grabs would be done? Did they not play MGS4? Doooohhhh!

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thereapersson3764d ago

And my report was listed as fixed, even though it wasn't. What gives?

Fishy Fingers3764d ago

"Published: 6 minutes ago | Rumors | PlayStation 3 "

Well it's marked as rumour, although maybe adding it to the title may of helped.

Bombibomb3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Edit: Fishy beat me to it. Go to hell haha.

SmokingMonkey3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

gotta be, WTF was all that HOME "theme" DL beta access thing?

EDIT: if true ;)

Fishy Fingers3764d ago

The Home Theme was essentially an application for the expanded closed beta. If you DLed the theme you should keep an eye on your e-mails.

slave2Dcontroller3764d ago

that Life with Playstation was supposed to be out already so thats my guess. As far as that HOME Theme lottery is concerned, you guys know or heard about anyone getting in?

Lew_Ijgee3764d ago

I also think the HOME theme download scheme was Sony's way to get a figure on just how many PS3 owners were interested in HOME.

If true, it is an excellent way for them to be prepared for the server load when the beta is opened.

LoVeRSaMa3764d ago

Are you tired?

Maybe you should get some sleep :)

and 2.50 should be good none the less [=

AIi_The_Brit3764d ago

he's tired of playing gaylo 3

Kratos Spartan3764d ago

a droid is a Sony fanboy. 360 fanboys are bots. This female is confused. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

BLuKhaos3764d ago

nah he's just tired of waiting for his RROD bomb to come back from the repair shop.

Sez 3764d ago

i think he's tired of waiting for patches to fix patches when it comes to sony firmware.(2.4,2.41,2.42 comes to mind) how many system will this firmware brick so sony can charge their costumer to fix it.

ozhuerta3763d ago

PS3 get updated firmware. On the other hand, x360 just get RROD.
PS3 owners win (again).

Sez 3763d ago

did that like take you all day to come up with that one. you need to try harder. maybe with a patch to fix you broken firmware will fix that problem. lol

morganfell3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

He has plenty of sleep. It isn't like he is playing his 360 - it's in the shop.

@Above, better to have broken firmware than a broken xbox due to a Major Design Flaw that still hasn't been fixed.

Sez 3763d ago

broken hardware? i wouldn't know what you are talking about since i have my LAUNCH 360. you might be talking about the ps1 and ps2 those are the only two systems i have ever had problems with. i guess you are still waiting for MGS4 to load the 2 act. don't worry in another hour you will be watching it.oh i mean playing it. LMFAO

Dyingduck3763d ago

So you think constant updates = bad? Here is what bat:

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Oh yeah, how many times did you say your beloved 360 pooped out, RRODed? I was wondering, was it like more annoying the first time or the 4th time? I bet you had M$ support numbers saved somewhere on your phone. Do you know if Sony has one? I never had to call…

Speaking of which, how many games did you lose due to disc scratching problems? Have you tried renting Xbox360 games? It’s like playing Russian roulette with 3 chambers and one bullet! Yeah, I am totally sorry that one time my dog ran over your Xbox360 while you were playing Too Flop. My dog did the same crap on mine, but I just continued playing.

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Oh and what color will you make your kiddie Wii-copycap avatar wear? I am excited!!! Please tell me when you know! I will be waiting.

Well until next time,
RIP, 360
-Your fellow PS3 friend


morganfell3763d ago

No I have had 3 dead 360s so far. I know what it is to be a multiconsole owner. The same way I own you every time I turn on my PS3, you get owned.

Enjoy that chugging hunk of last gen crap you pretend to game with.

The 350 wishes it had the reliability of the PS1 and PS2 instead of the never ready dieaholic that is the 360. The 360, unreliable no matter which way you turn it.

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Sillyace923764d ago

They're adding that in game video chat thing. But yeah I agree Sony should make a universal custom in-game music without the need for developers to add a patch. more Music visualizers, a pause button on the music player thing, and a faster forward thing on music like the psp has it's a pain when I'm listening to a long podcast and I accidently end it and I have to waste my time fast fowarding it for 15 minutes