GI.Biz Interview: SCEE's David Reeves

One of the highlights at Games Convention in Leipzig this year was the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe press conference, where president David Reeves unveiled - among other things - new hardware configurations for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, as well as a number of new software titles and a free music streaming service.

Following that press conference spent some time with the man himself to talk over some of the key points.

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cahill3765d ago

Q: And do you track your rivals as well?

David Reeves: We track the rivals - we track Nintendo and Microsoft on exactly the same basis, exactly the same panels. Sometimes you might find a catalogue like Argos which isn't included, sometimes there's a huge catalogue deal and you won't see it in Chart-Track. Or as happened in Australia recently, we sold in 70,000 PS3s with Bravia TVs on a Sony deal, but GfK don't pick that up. But all of those sold through, so you see it come down. It needs explaining sometimes.

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