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A portion of a WiiWare World interview with 2D Boy about upcoming game World of Goo:

WW: For those who have been living in a cave for the past few months can you tell us what World of Goo is all about?

Ron: Yeah, World of Goo is a physics based puzzle construction game where you drag balls of goo and attach them to each other in order to build gooey wobbly structures.

WW: Can you tell us the how ex-EA employees Ron and Kyle met and formed 2D Boy?

Ron: We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend (hi Amin!) and both of us wanted to go off and make our own game. Somehow it's nicer to jump off a cliff with someone else than it is alone, so we quit our jobs and shortly after started working on World of Goo. We barely knew each other when we decided to do this and we're very lucky that this collaboration has been working out so well.

WW: Do you have a rough date in mind for the US WiiWare release of World of Goo? Can you confirm the price point yet?

Ron: Development for the North American version will be done in September. I'm guessing that the release date will be sometime in late October, but don't hold me to that. It depends on how quickly we're able to get through lot check and on timing the release with our PC retail partner. The price on Wiiware hasn't been set yet and Nintendo has the final say on this. It will be higher than 1000 for sure and we'll announce it as soon as we know what it will be.

WW: We understand that World of Goo will be a disc based retail release in Europe. Can you tell us more about this decision?

Kyle: The most important thing is that everyone has a chance to play our game. But first, people have to know we exist! In Europe, very skilled gamers have heard of us, but many other people have not, so it looks like we can reach the most people, including families and casual players, by getting our game in stores. In America, slightly more people know who we are, and appear to be connected to the online Wii store, so we are trying to go digital. Both routes have their advantages, of course, but as long as people are able to hear about us, and find the game without too much trouble, we are happy.

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