Reeves: "I am supremely confident" that PS3 leads 360 in PAL territories - audio

SCEE super-boss David Reeves has told VG247 that PS3 is still ahead of 360 in Europe, and that he's amazingly sure of the fact.

There's audio of Reeves saying so on the site.

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cahill3761d ago

No x360 game charts anywhere in europe except UK

In Australia ps3 overtook x360 with the Bravia deal
UK is the only PAL territory where x360 is putting up a fight

MURKERR3761d ago

thats why that audio is my new ringtone,sony are starting to hit new heights and for me LBP will be the gunpowder up the ps3s @ss

cahill3761d ago

ps3 was actually sold out in many eu territories for the last 2 months. I dont know why SONY didnt ship a lot of ps3s there

It could be that they want to get out the 60 gig which uses 65nm RSX and costs less to produce

I get an uncanny feeling that ps3 will outsell EVEN the wii this Fall in europe

You cant just imagine how popular the ps3 is in continental europe, australasia and middle east

cahill3761d ago

“We are indeed,” said the exec when asked if Sony was sure PS3 was still in front. “In PAL territories we are ahead of Xbox 360. We’re absolutely confident.”

“I have no idea,” Reeves added on the matter of Microsoft’s dispute of the claim.

“I am supremely confident of that statement. Sony would not let me say that if they hadn’t seen all the numbers… They would not let us say that. And we are absolutely, 100 percent confident of it.”

SmokingMonkey3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

being a xbox you should already be used to it 360.

2 down 1 to go.

The Wii feels a very human chill crawl up it's spine.

StephanieBBB3761d ago

I'd much rather see them promoting the 360 saying that it's a good choice for those that want good quality for a low price than saying it's bad and sucks just because it's a compeditor.

On a second note i've not heard alot of bad mouthing from the exectives at microsoft for a long time. Have they learned that it's not good sportsmanship or are they abandoning ship?

Strife Lives3761d ago

But he shouldnt be too quick to act arrogant.last time I saw that was pre Too Human hype. If his facts remain at the end of the holiday season then congrats to Sony.

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