Never Fear Metal Gear, Kojima Is Here... Sort Of

You may have thought that it was just those movie guys that became typecast, but it seems the same fate befalls anyone who is successful. And although it may tear out a small part of Hideo Kojima's soul each day, it could be good news for fans of the Metal Gear series.

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INehalemEXI3762d ago

Thats a hard position to be in. Your basically letting someone else take the reigns of your masterpiece. He should talk to George Lucas about this. Hes probably the guy with all the wisdom on such matters.

Tacki3762d ago

Star Wars has changed...

*codec ring*

"Me-sah here!"

TheColbertinator3762d ago

MGS4 is a good movie and a gaming masterpiece.2 in 1 package was worth my money.

jspc19893762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

he has created a series so profound, with such high standards that if he passes the torch onto just anyone, it stands a chance of declining.

Hideo Kojima is a great mind, and although metal gear is one of my favourite franchises, I am acheing to see what else he can come up with. Whatever it is im sure that it will be a masterpiece, as with the rest of his work - whether that be through story, graphics or gameplay.

hay3762d ago

Wasn't it in one of latest interviews posted a short while ago?

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