Full Details on Patch #2 for Madden 09

Complete rundown of everything that is being fixed in the second patch for Madden 09. It has now been passed to MS/Sony for certification and release.

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dktxx23647d ago

Wow. Is EA... Trying?

bluecapone3647d ago

EA has changed alot everyone should realise that

Rich16313647d ago

Yeah, I noticed that too. EA seems to be making a turnaround whereas Activision is heading where EA was 2-3 years ago.

Thump19673647d ago

That sounds like EA is really trying Kudo's to them

Bolts3647d ago

There are a lot of hurt players out there. We need a roster update.

super bill3647d ago

waste of time if you ask me.madden 09 is the worst yet.ive never know a game were its impossible to run the ball.defensive lineman on offence and defence for the controller is crap.why the same can,t be said of the cpu.where he 9 times out of 10 rushing your quterback.why your defensive lineman just stand there and watch.the cpu always knows when you aubile and changers you wingers routes he always knows whats you doing.boring game really no enjoyment,typical ea game.they gouldn,t make a decent football game if they tryed.getting bloody cheese of with charging me 60 dollars for this crap.