Dispelling the Myth of PS3 Exclusives

Hardware prowess aside, one of the biggest debates of this generation of consoles is who has the most exclusive games. In addition to the usual suspects, Nintendo has a large sum of mini-games and nostalgic trips through the history of interactive entertainment. Not to be out done MS broke out the big gun: Master Chief, as well as some new IPs that have rumored or have come to the PS3. Both platforms arguably have a healthy catalog of some "shovel-ware". For the most part the PlayStation 3 has been severely overlooked as a platform with a library of exclusive entertainment.

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PoSTedUP3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

yes i love my playstation..... but really, i only own ps3 exclusives cause most of them are top notch high quality great games : )

ninja gaiden sigma is ps3 exclusive??? or is that a typo?

butterfinger3735d ago

TECHNICALLY Ninja Gaiden "Sigma" is a PS3 exclusive. Many people considered it the finest version of Ninja Gaiden, but it still doesn't feel like a true exclusive.

NegativeCreep4273735d ago

But Resistance: Fall of Man looked more enticing to me.

ScratchMarks3735d ago

"i only own ps3 exclusives"

Then you picked the right console for exclusives.

Sony has 20 first party development studios making exclusive titles for the PS3.

Nintendo has 10 first party studios.

And Microsoft only has 3 or 4.

Sony has more than DOUBLE the number of first party developers than Nintendo and Microsoft COMBINED.

That is why Sony has been dominating every single gaming conference for the past year and a half. The number of exclusive games in development for the PS3 is enormous. And that is why every show Microsoft has almost nothing new to show. And Nintendo looks like they aren't even trying to make anything other than WiiFit and WiiMusic junk now.

And that isn't even factoring in PSN where Sony is putting out huge amounts of original and exclusive content and not just treating it as a service for PC developers to dump crappy little directx games onto.

The PS2 has the greatest and most diverse console library in history. Sony has vastly expanded their first party developers beyond what they had with the PS2 while still having the support of all of the third party PS2 developers from last gen.

PoSTedUP3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

@ butterfinger- oh, ok. if its on 360 then its not a pa3 exclusive.

@ negitivecreep- yea bro resistance is sick i love that game. one of my favorite fps next to goldeneye.

EDIT @ scratchmarks above- yea man theirs nothing like ps3 exclusives, most of them haven't even came out yet, mgs4 was like the only really big exclusive to come out XD oh man its gunna be great! theirs sooo many on the way man sony is BALLIN OUT with these exclusives man.

Chuck Norris3735d ago


Good choice. I was terribly disappointed with NG:S. I was expecting a game with the polish of GOW and it just didn't deliver.

StephanieBBB3735d ago

I didn't know the PS3 had that many exclusives...

Arma2? lol my dad loves that series and his gonna get pissed of that it doesn't come to the pc...

SaiyanFury3735d ago

@Chuck Norris

I guess you were expecting a different experience than Ninja Gaiden Sigma would deliver. Having played through GoW I can see how you'd be disappointed. But NGS is a league of it's own. It's hard, and it's fun at the same time. I love Resistance. It's also my fave FPS game even during this time of flooding the market with such games. Because of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and the time I loved with it, I bought NG2 for my 360 and also enjoy it.

The PS3 has a great number of exclusives coming and that cannot be denied. Sony owns a great many of the most talented developers in the world and that alone puts them into the winning long term position. The Wii might be winning financially, but the question of how long the Wii will be popular is still in question. The 360 is a great system, but MS has many less system exclusive games, and that can be a deciding factor in the end. Not fanboyism, just an economic fact.

The Swordsman3735d ago

I purchased NG:S along with Ratchet and Clank F:TOD, and after completing the game once on normal, I just spent the rest of my time on Ratchet and Clank, as I found the game's camera poor and thought that losing everything I earned when I started a higher difficulty wasn't enticing. Having later purchased the far superior(in my opinion) DMC4, I now consider NG:S a huge disappointment and the poorest PS3 game I currently own(not counting that awful Sonic game, but I pretty much disowned that failure). Anyway, the list holds a few games that have just been rumoured really, such as Sly 4 or the Jak and Daxter game. Still, a large list.

marison3734d ago

"Sony has 20 first party development studios making exclusive titles for the PS3.

Nintendo has 10 first party studios.

And Microsoft only has 3 or 4.

Sony has more than DOUBLE the number of first party developers than Nintendo and Microsoft COMBINED."

I could not undestand this mathematics ;-)

butterfinger3734d ago

Um, apparently you didn't read my post or you didn't understand the use of ("). There is NO Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the the 360, please look it up yourself.

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Josie293735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Ps3 has 1 AAA exclusive in 2 years, everything else has been overhyped flops, that Sony likely had to pay reviewers just to keep the ps3 from looking like the worst console in history. I hate to say it, but the Ps3 is an over hyped flop too, just like it's Trophy Case of overhyped flops.

Get ready to add the over-hyped level editor Little Big Planet, the over-hyped QTE nightmare Heavy Rain, and the over-hyped sequel to one of the ps2's biggest flops, Killzone 2.

Someone needs to dispel the myth that the PS3 is a game console. It's actually an in-house Sony blu-ray movie player disguised as a game console

LarVanian3735d ago

Still more than what 360 has had lol

Josie293735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )



I think I've said enough, I can see there are alot of stupid kids here.

butterfinger3735d ago

It's so pathetic how metacritic scores make you feel better about your console purchase. That is truly sad.

PoSTedUP3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

an over hyped flop console that has great games, great psn games, a good free online service, cheap upgradeable hard drives with no limitations, sixaxis wireless rechargeable controllers out the box, a HD in every console, a BLU-RAY player in every console, a web browser built in in every console, bluetooth headset capability's, psp connectivity, dvd upscaling AND CD sampling, a reliable console that doesn't break, doesn't eat dvd9's or scratch discs, isnt limited because of dvd9's and has blu-ray games which are better and future proof, has HDMI 1.3 in every console and not sh*tty hdmi 1.2 like the 360 XD.

has HOME coming and will kill XBlive (so sorry)

has playstation lifestyle coming. and a whole mess of features.

ps3 you can buy your way into a BETA for 2.99$, can you do that on 360????

has less LAG than xbl and its free.

is whopping 360's ass in sales WW XD XD even when its more expensive XD

ps3 has sooo many great games on the way its not even funny. cant say the same for 360 XD

you cant get ps3 games any where else XD yea i had gears of war for PC XD

ps3 fans aren't nasty racist sexist prejudiced ass holes like xbox fans on XBL. (most of them not all of them)

ah... life is good when your a ps3 owner.....

n4gzz3735d ago

well, even if whatever you say is true, still i can watch movie on my ps3 instead of just sit and stare at RROD some fire hazard box.

ps. I own both console but I just like my ps3 about 100 miles more than 360.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33735d ago

Its sad then that an inferior platform such as the PS3 will continue to outsell your precious 360, ultimatly making it come in last for this gen.

The fact that you're trying to rip on KZ2 just shows how ignorant you are. Heavy Rain and LBP are easy targets, but KZ2's buzz has been more than justified by a number of respected gaming journalists.

Even if those games don't pan out, we still have god of war next year, which is 1 more AAA title than the 360 will have. Come to think of it, what games does 360 have slated for next year? (crickets chirping)

SmokingMonkey3735d ago

You sound so scared right now

"over hyped level editor" bet you wish banjoKazooie was half as good

"ps2 flops" Killzone 2 will not flop, it's not TooHuman. Look at the videos and tell me that KZ2 doesn't pwn anything else you've ever seen.
Name a better FPS...i'll wait.........

Go watch a HD-DVD oh yeah, that FAILED
Hope your 360 RRoD Tonight! enjoy playing HALO3 skittle colored marines with moon boots! XD

OH and before you bring up Gaer2 let me remind you that the MOVIE MACHINE as you call it will be playing 30 on 30 online battles where you GET TO pay $50 a year to play 5 on 5....what's that 2 player online co op? Yeah LBP has 4 player online co op.
I'm going to make a RRoD level in LBP, fire and multiple discs galore!

you've been KILLZOWEND

DevilVergilX3735d ago

You fail to realize that most of these exclusive xbox games are multi-platformers... And also the reason why xbox360 has more games is because a LOT of them are mediocre games. And some of the AAA titles like bioshock and (rumored)mass effect is going to the ps3.

Dyingduck3735d ago

Dude, give up.

You are playing on a dying console - M$ is going to adbandon it like how they abandon the original Xbox, (LMAO they lost 4 billion dollars from that)

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL - well have fun paying 50 dollars for LIVE oh AND DON'T FORGET to pay the bill or else they will charge you 50 dollars for ONE month! ROFLLLLLLLL owned

Oh, don't forget next year - another 50 dollars

LMAO!! Oh, start praying cause your f*cking RROD warranty is about to RUN out come SEPTEMBER! 33% ROFL, it's like PLAYING Russian roulette with 3 SLOTS and one BULLET!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A MORON!!!!

Well, at least you have a free heater in those cold LONELY DAYS spend playing TOO FLOP ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT IF your stupid crappy console didn't end UP SCRATCHING your GAME - AKA DISC ERROR lOL (forget RENTING, 90% of the discs already SCRATCHED)- not to mention that noise

Oh what's that? RAN OUT OF HD?? Got a crappy arcade version without a HD? OH cannot install a new HD without spending 100-200 for some over-expensive HD? Ever wish you had a 320GBs HD for ~2games worth? LOL

ENJOY your LMAO softcore WII-copycat avatar and GEARS 1.5 <=== proof

ROFL this is so fun bashing on angry Xbox ohhhhh mannnn

Aww, don't you wish you had superior PS3 hardware with HDMI? Scratch-resistant BR? Almost heat-less and noise-less console? "FREE" and better online service + upcoming HOME?

...not to mention all the games...LBP...KZ2...the list goes on...oh yeah, why do you XBOT KEEP ON TALKING about FABLE2 or L2D???? Do we see us BRAGGING about minor GAME like Disega3 WHICH LMAO HAD BETTER REVIEW SCORE than your OVER-hyped 10 years FLOP TOO HUMAN....

Tacki3735d ago

Josie, stop showing us pictures from outside your house.

LarVanian3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

There are indeed a lot of stupid kids such as yourself josie.
Btw the only company that over-hypes their games is MicroSoft (The company you protect with your heart, soul and body).
They over-hyped that game with sub-HD, PS2 graphics and 5 hour story called Halo 3, and that ugly piece of sh!t Gears of War that copied a lot of great action games such as RE4 and kill.switch.
So please think twice about who you are calling a stupid kid and....................stop posting.

thereapersson3735d ago

Pot... kettle... black... ah whatever. There's no reasoning with you.

Rog Vader3735d ago

Wow, sony fanboys in full on damage control as far as the eye can see. I guess I would be too after a b*tch slap like that. lol

n4gzz3735d ago

Stop with that disagree. Thats too many to take. Are you guys trying to give me heart attack ?

ozps33735d ago

even retards can write on the net forums.

Bizmal3735d ago

It's not halo I have them on my PC, it's not Dead rising, Mass affect, Bioshock or Gears of war. Everythiing is bought on my Ps3 and PC maybe sometimes my wII. right.. My xbox sits on my desk and is rarely is turned on.. Bottom line is all these so called exclusives are just better on my other systems except maybe the wii... AND I don't have to pay some trashy fee every year... I think both sides throw around the word exclusive too much but the 360 has less to show for it.

Snake Raiser3734d ago

Little BP might be AAA Killzone 2?
What AAA titles does the 360 have? Halo 3 Gears of war... 2, you have 2 we have 1. By the end of this year we will see.

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Kami3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

was cancelled an they forgot blazeblue or whatever that fighter is called.

butterfinger3735d ago

already has some real gems (Uncharted, MGS4, R&C:FTOD, etc...), but it seems as though everyone on the internet has to go buy gamerankings or metacritic to determine whether a game is good or not. Honestly, IMHO, the 360 and PS3 are about even in terms of good exclusives that I enjoy playing. I found Mass Effect to be pretty lame as well as Resistance (although I have high hopes for R2), and I loved Bioshock and Uncharted (2 of my favorites this generation). I would say both the PS3 and 360 are head and shoulders above the Wii, though:P

yanikins1113735d ago

Ratchet & clank is genius. I got it on saturday, and ive only put it down for work and band rehearsal. I thought id grown out of gaming. But this is easily the FUNNEST game ive played this gen. Gonna get that psn one once im done with this. The depth of gameplay is amazing. The different weapons allow for weapon combos ive seen only in resistance (tips hat to insomniac). If it was up to me resistance 2 would still have the weapon quick select, and it would pause gameplay just like it currently does.

Its probably the hightlight of R&C too. The way it allows you to output a massive variety and volume of firepower at an enemy is awe inspiring. F*** halo-esque two weapon game play. Make shooting games that are about the shooting.

bootsielon3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

PS3 has three, 360 only has two exclusive games at or above 9.0, one which is Mass Effect which might just end up multiplatform, and another which is Gears and wasn't made by Microsoft Game's studios anyway. Halo 3 got an 8.9, so much for "AAA" isn't it moron? PS3 has been in the market less than two years, 360 has been almost three years. While you were playing on that RROD box for a year without anything worthy, actual gamers were enjoying PS2 exclusives in 2006; all of 2006's PS2 exclusives are much better than 360's entire library, so we all feel sorry for you, idiot.


Obviously I wasn't the one to disagree so I don't know why are you replying...

SmokingMonkey3735d ago

he just went all the way up the list adding disagree's

and if it wasn't him.....then man are you lame, all these disagree's and not one response?

Dyingduck3735d ago

GEARS was later ported on the PC which is considered the more superior version...

The same goes for Mass Effect, the same goes for Gears 2 (which of course will be the better version on the PC) what do you really have to offer Xbox? 50 yearly rent and monthly RROD? "NICE!" - Borat

Those are what I called B$ exclusives :)

MGS4 = the real AAA bad-ass.

Go suck on a monkey nipple.

Freckler3735d ago

I don't want to get mixed up in this fanboy melee gents, but is a much more well renowned site on the web, than the generic site that you posted.

bootsielon3735d ago

Metacritic is owned by CNET (Gamespot)

Gamestats is owned by IGN, there is nothing "generic" about it. Just because people know Metacritic it doesn't mean it is the best. In fact metacritic has gamer's opinions but it doesn't give you an average between press and actual gamers. To me gamers opinions matter a lot since they are not paid to review the game by corporations, they have to pay to play.

Who do you trust more between CNET and IGN? I trust IGN by a longshot, considering the debacle that Gamespot got themselves in.

Gamestats counts the opinion of not only the press, but also thousands of gamers that actually bought the game and played it, not just paid lobbyists.

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