10 Things that E3 Can Learn from Leipzig

After seeing how Europeans throw a videogame convention last week at Games Convention 2008, aka Leipzig, it occurred to Crispy Gamer -- not once, not twice, but approximately several thousand times per minute -- that the increasingly dazed and confused E3 could learn a thing or two from the Europeans.

Indeed, after experiencing Leipzig, this year's E3 now seems, in retrospect, very small and pathetic by comparison. In case the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) wasn't there to take notes, they did. Here are 10 things that E3 can learn from Leipzig.

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ScratchMarks3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

And here is a perfect example of why developers fixed E3 and returned it to its original purpose.

Clowns like the guy who wrote this silly drivel.

E3 serves two functions:

1. A single meeting place for developers and publishers to link up and setup deals

2. The large stage show to give an overview of the state of their console and games to the press

It's not fun time for every kid who runs a blog or works at GameStop who managed to land themselves a ticket.

It's not a place for thousands of kids to get free gaming swag from developer booths

It's not a place for thousands of kids to lamely annoy the local LA strippers working as booth babes with their retarded pick up lines

E3 is for work. Hard work that goes on in all those little back rooms you see people rushing in and out of all day with laptops and stacks of papers. Deals are being setup. Games and technology is being bought and sold. And all the other things that are the fundamental workings of the console game market.

All the no name gaming journalists and bloggers crying about E3 'being dead' are like people trying to tell everyone a party sucked because they weren't invited.

LeonSKennedy4Life3737d ago

Gamestop employees get in???!!! This is news to me!!! I've worked at Gamestop for a year...I know nothing of this!!!

Also, you're wrong. Most developers liked E3 the way it was. They would like a more professional feel, but they really just want to get their games out there and enjoy the show. E3 was like a vacation and a performance for them. They showed everyone their game and then just chilled out and, most likely, played other games.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

Also, these conventions should be about the people who "buy" the games...not just for those who are paid to post their opinions!

ScratchMarks3737d ago

"Most developers liked E3 the way it was"

LOL! No...