TeamXbox: Armored Core For Answer Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "I know what your one burning question about Armored Core For Answer is. The question that keeps you up at night as giant mechs fly about around inside your head, releasing clouds of homing missiles and blasting away at your cerebral cortex with large scale automatic rifles. You've got to know: what the heck does "For Answer" mean?

Well, for starters it's a play on words. Armored Core For Answer is the "answer" to Armored Core 4. "For", "4", get it? But it's also in reference to a major plot point in the game that we won't give away. But basically, at some point you'll have to make a choice about which faction you decide to sign your mercenary butt up with, and what answer you're going to give to them when they ask you who you want to side with. You may just be in it for the money, but at some point you're going to have to pledge your allegiance to someone."

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Reshun3739d ago

For Answer should have been the the first armored core of next gen to be released