New Warhwak Expansion; Warhawk Demo on the Way?

FeedOnPS3 is on it again. Dylan Jobe made a post over at the PLAYSTATION.BLOG. Many comments asked questions, and Dylan replied to most of them. One of them was very interesting. We might have just gotten our answer to a few questions about the next Warhawk Expansion and even a demo.

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DreamcastFanboy3736d ago

Um why would we need a demo for a game that been out for a year?

pwnsause3736d ago

because there are still people who hasn't played warhawk yet.

Tacki3736d ago

People like me! ;)

I know it's down to $30 now and I will get it at some point I'm sure... but a demo would be nice and might just push me to buy it a whole lot sooner!

StephanieBBB3736d ago

Im in the same boat as Tacki. Not sure that I want to spend 30$ on a game that is not my cup of tea when alot great games are coming out next month...

midgetsanx3736d ago

For people who want to see it, Go To PAGE 2, and comment 88.

chasuk083736d ago

Bubbles for you as I really couldnt be assed to look through every comment lol

kosha3736d ago

Man jetpacks look so cool

perseus3736d ago

I'm with the others. I'd like a demo before I buy it. I want to see if the hype is just hype, or if it really is that good a game.

nos4speed3736d ago

you dont have this game yet you really are missing out, you will play it intensly for the first few months at least and its one of those games for when you say right im bored what shall I play----warhawk, my friend is coming over what shall we play-----warhawk, the team behind his game are amazing too, you will NOT be dissapointed by this game it continues to deliver and have a huge following after a year.

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