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"Resident Evil has a long and sometimes proud history. I think it's fair to say that the first couple of Resident Evil games were genre defining, which makes it all the more tragic to contemplate the state in which the series currently exists."

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ShaunCameron968d ago

So, RE0 laid the foundation for co-op in the later RE games. I see.

naruga968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

simple answer: RE4 the whole game ...disemboweled completely what was good in RE series ...eurogamer seems to be forgivable to the RE4 abomination blaming a lot the coop system from RE0/Outbreak and this is completely nonsense ..RE Outbreak had a lot more people/comrades which accompanied you but keeping the formula of classic RE intact (even improving it a lot in some points) had the closest atmosphere/feeling to the original RE from all other entries in the series ...
In contrast RE4 with ridiculous tropes , cliches, plot. art direction (many borrowed from cinema) destroyed the game from its roots.....i still cant stand the game and finish it

Becuzisaid968d ago

RE4 was still a survival horror game though. It was slow paced and ammo wasnt unlimited. The series could've found a balance between RE4 and the originals, but 5 and 6 really ruined it all.

NukaCola968d ago

I think RE4 and 5 had severely archaic controls and then slammed into mediocre TPS. I think TPS controls that are slow an fluid would work best. The lead foot really killed me. I don't want an action game, but I think they need to really seat down and look at the controls.

TheCommentator968d ago

You mean, Leon's quest to sve the President's daughter from a parasite from outer space? No Umbrella, no S.T.A.R.S., no Wesker, no zombies, no meaningful puzzle solving... Yeah. So,"what are you selling", Capcom?

It might be a great game to some people but it was the absolute worst Resident Evil in terms of story. Resident Evil Gaiden on Gameboy had more to do with the series than RE4 did, LOL. Hell, even the movies had more appropriate stories, since an Alice-type protagonist was originally planned to combat Wesker in a Devil May Cry style sequel to RE2 before Capcom shelved it, because, of all things, it was too different from the RE gameplay formula.

Dabigkahuna76968d ago

RE 4 did it for me I still can't get pass that 1st section

nowitzki2004968d ago

RE used to be my favorite franchise. I liked 4 not more than 1,2 or 3 not even close but 5 just demolished the series with its coop. RE is supposed to be scary, not that scary when someones with you at all times.

They should make it like the DS series currently is. Make it hard and go back to making horror games. Scaring the shyt out of me. I dont know what it is about Dark Souls but it reminds me of the old REs a bit. I wish FromSoftware would take it over or just make a modernized zombie horror survival game.

With VR and horror being one of the best genres for it, hopefully RE can make a comeback.

SolidGear3968d ago

Code Veronica was pretty much like a Dark Souls game. It's the only Resident Evil I couldn't finish because of the difficulty.

sdcard4gb968d ago

You aren't very good in games, are you ?...

Dabigkahuna76968d ago

No I'm not especially with the ones with design flaws I'm good at games like Zelda and The Last of Us and The GTAs especially 5 I don't like complicated games I would lose interest

OrangePowerz968d ago

Easy where it went wrong. From RE4 onwards it became an action shooter instead of a survival horror game with puzzles and high tension.

Dabigkahuna76968d ago

RE 4 was easy? Really wonder why I can't get pass the 1st part

GrimDragon968d ago

Sounds like a reboot is in order. But keep nemesis around.

ShaunCameron968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

I wouldn't be too surprised if RE did get a reboot. But I do enjoy the modern RE games, though. Easier to 100%.

MWH968d ago

I love the original RE formula but in my opinion the action element was bound to happen sooner or later to complete the story.

all those pharmaceutical experiments with the different viruses were not going to remain hidden from the world forever and with all the wrong people behind an outbreak was imminent, hence the chaotic consequences.

ShaunCameron968d ago

It was bound to happen, because the main characters weren't gonna remain young and inexperienced forever.

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