Uncharted 4's Level List Might Have Been Just Leaked

Uncharted 4's level list appeared for a moment during one of the GDC 2016 talks hosted by Naughty Dog.

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kaiserfranz824d ago

Nice, not too big of a spoiler (at least for my taste). Now the big question is, will Nathan die?

Garethvk824d ago

It is always interesting to see the levels but for me it is how long are they and how is the quality.

RufustheKing823d ago (Edited 823d ago )

About 15-20 hours would be a nice game. UC3 felt short for my liking. Havent looked at the list cause i've been on UC4 radio silence i dont want to see too much.

Eonjay823d ago

The length of play will be different for everyone especially given that several levels look to have multiple paths allowing you to choose your own play style. The quality will be top notch.

823d ago
DLConspiracy823d ago

"will Nathan die?"

That would get everybody in the feels. I wondered this too, but I don't think they will. It might be his brother though for sure. Then Nathan riding off into the sunset. People gonna die doh.

sammarshall102824d ago

Sounds like a good meaty campaign

rocketscience007823d ago

Yup, it's a meaty campaign alright accompanied by a great mp too, this is how you give value to consumers, this game makes other recently released TPS games a joke when it comes to getting bang for your buck, great job ND.

sammarshall102823d ago

If you're talking about Quantum Break it is totally worth $60 the game is unbelievable

823d ago
sammarshall102823d ago

@Potato Spencer jealously is not a good look lol

QB is one of best games this generation so far

PixelGateUk823d ago

I'm avoiding as many spoilers as i can

jb227823d ago

Same here...I couldn't resist clicking on to get a feel for how many levels there would be, tried the whole "cover the screen, peek through the fingers" deal & I done messed up and saw the intro level name...I'm bummed now.

BlakHavoc823d ago

Lol me too! Kinda bumbed that I know what to expect now, but also kind of pumped.

823d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.