10 RPG's You've (Probably) Never Played

NZGamer writes: 10 Golden Oldie RPGs that may be gathering dust on your shelf.

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kewlkat0073762d ago

I love the Art Style of that series....

facepalm3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Art style was nice... But the game itself was awful...

Battles were extremely slow, repetitive music, horrible voice acting, and the ending left a bad taste in the mouth...

Don't believe him when he said the game was "...a hell of lot of fun." Because the battles were too tedious and way too long for their own good.

^-^ But at least the visuals were nice...

EDIT ADDED: Out of all the games that they listed up there... "Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana" was the one I enjoyed the most.

DevilVergilX3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

you are completely right! after playing 20hours of that game I had to stop because it was that bad. I do like the art style, but game... not soo much. I wish I just bought the art book instead of listening to an idiot tell me its "awesome beyond belief!"... worst mistake EVER!

Liquid Dust3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Yea, the artistic direction completely caught my eye when i was rumaging through the used section at a local Gamers, and with a $45 "used" pricetag i thought it must have been a hidden gem that i had somehow missed out on, bought it, took it home, played it for a few hours, but just not interesting, slow and painful battles, this article really got it right on the money.

Anyone really get far into it though, was the story worth the effort, did i miss out at all?

facepalm3762d ago

@Liquid Dust: I beat the entire game and throughout the journey I was hoping that the story will make up for all that was wrong with this catastrophe... But it didn't...

The story was almost like a typical "revenge/war" RPG story until somewhere in the middle end, where you are hit with a plot twist that will guarantee to make you say "WTF!!"...

Now this plot twist wasn't no... In fact that was probably the most interesting part of the game.

The story really fails in the end... It's one of those bittersweet endings that only makes almost every player bite their tongue in disgust. It was totally underwhelming and to me it was just an unutterable disappointment...

In fact that's my whole look towards the game...a disappointment. It had so much potential to being a decent or even a "good" J-RPG, but almost everything that this game showed fell flat on it's face. The story was good, until the end. The battle system was intuitive, but poorly implemented. The sound was OK, but the music was repetitive and they dubbed over the voices using the most monotone voice actors. It had the makings of a good game, it just seemed that everything was so half-assed with the exception of the visuals (which I like ^-^)...

So no... The story is definitely not worth the effort in playing this game... In fact the only reason why this game is so gosh darn expensive is because no one bought it the first time around...

Too all J-RPG Fans out there... AVOID THIS GAME!!

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big shadow3762d ago

yeah I never heard of those games before.

Marceles3762d ago

The only one I remember is King's Field...I didn't know they made one for PS2 though. I only played the first one on PS1

SaiyanFury3762d ago

The King's Field series rocks. If you liked the first one give King's Field II a try. It's about 3 times the size as well. There was a pseudo King's Field 3 released called Shadow Tower on PS1 as well. I've never played through Shadow Tower but I have played through every KF game they've made. Give The Ancient City on PS2 a look. Really long and worth all of your time.

PoSTedUP3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

but its funny cause i HAVE played DOT.HACK b4, my cousin had it, its a good RPG in my opinion, i just dont really like em that much. but yea i have played dot.hack b4 : P do i get a trophy for that??? ; )

Dyingduck3762d ago


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