Gear of War 4: Remembering “Emergence Day”

Video Game Tidbits is back with an interesting piece reliving the days of Gears of War series leading to Gears of War 4. Enjoy the story.

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sammarshall102974d ago

I remember the 1st Gears like it was yesterday I knew it would be a great game

christocolus974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

The original Gears Mad World trailer was so good. I got the game not long after watching that trailer. I got the same feeling after watching the new Gears 4 Reborn trailer and i think most GeOW fans feel the same way. The trailer is already 4.5mill views just after 5 days.

sammarshall102974d ago

Geez 4.5 million views already you know Gears 4 is gonna be huge

That is a perfectly crafted trailer playing on emotion, action and horror

What a smart move to debut it during The Walking Dead too

SavageKuma973d ago

They definitely know how to drive a Story and in Gears 3 that was the big kicker. I am not sure which had the most impact honestly. From Dom Finally finding Maria and being in that state having to end her suffering or when he sacrificed himself to save the team. That was a deep series indeed.