Animal Crossing: My Addiction

My name is Adelle and I am addicted to Animal Crossing.

I know, I know! Animal Crossing for the DS isn't something new but its a game I have just recently gotten my hands on. The first time I played it I set up my character, fussed around in the town for a bit, then completely forgot about the game for something in the area of 3 months. One day I am bored and decide to pick the game back up. I get in my town, see all the weeds growing all over the place, and I was hooked. First I had all this gardening I had to get done. I just cant leave all these dead flowers and weeds growing out all over the place! Then you need to harvest fruit, collect all the different trees, and make your house bigger. Don't forget to look for new wallpaper for your house and a new couch for that just expanded living room!

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