IGN: Bionic Commando Field Report: The Results

Capcom chats about its feedback and gives a few gifts to the fans.

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Blaine3763d ago

I didn't buy this game. I thought the chances of buying it were high when I downloaded the demo, but I quickly changed my mind.

The first turn off was the terrible controls. It's retardedly complicated to do a maneuver as simple as getting onto a higher platform, and takes pinpoint precision to grab onto one as you're falling next to it. That's only the tip of the iceberg here, too.

Then there's the damn constant pressure the devs put on you to buy the game. Ok, it was kinda--but not really--funny the first time the game insulted me for playing a demo rather than paying for the full version, but it got outright insulting after a while. That's the main reason I didn't buy the full version, actually. I might have given in despite my ego if the demo hadn't been so damn short and cut RIGHT AT THE GOOD PART. I get to the first boss and think, "well, it's been pretty sh!tty so far, but maybe I'll buy it if the boss is fun", and then the game, or devs I should say, think they're being funny and clever by saying "if you want to fight the boss you have to buy the full game, you cheap pr!ck". HA--effing--HA, good one. Not.

Sorry, try again. Next time, don't be so pushy, and make a better game.

paracardium3763d ago

Obviously the guy above has never played any old school games. This game is exactly what the older gen of games was like in the 80's early 90' took exact precision to beat some of the games and most the games you could never beat just got harder and harder.

I like this game and hope they do some more remakes.

Blaine3762d ago

You said so yourself. I don't want to be playing the 80s or 90s game if I'm paying for a remake. If I wanted to play a game that played just like the original, I'd play the original. What's the point of remaking it if you're not going to improve it?

I also hope more remakes are made, but not by these guys.