‘Dead Island’ Wasn’t Quite the Catastrophe of a Zombie Game You Might Recall

Techland's title of 2011 was wrong in a lot of ways, but dig beneath its bloody surface and there were thrills to be had.

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WeAreLegion799d ago

I recall it being a pretty fun game. It took me a couple of tries to get into it because the story is basically non-existent, but I enjoyed it a lot.

mike32UK799d ago

Yes it is. I'm not a big fan of buying games based on reviews, I buy games that I think I will enjoy based on my personal preferences and I can say that this was the only game that I have ever bought and absolutely hated. I returned it within 24 hours of purchasing and got a refund. Thankfully, Dying Light was an absolute treat of a game that had me playing for many months

jznrpg799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

It was rough around the edges no doubt. There are better made games I dont like that others do. To each his own

jznrpg799d ago

It had problems, but I really enjoyed playing it with my son, and in the end that is what matters

WeAreLegion799d ago

I played with my brother. Great co-op.

Summons75799d ago

I recall it being nearly unplayable and yes it pretty much is.

Mr_Grimsdyke799d ago

Finally got around to playing it late last year. Fun game, played it mostly solo, probably would have had a better time playing with a friend. Was definitely nowhere near as polished as Dying Light though, which I did play with my brother, and had a great time.

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