Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition GAME Pre-Orders come with Exclusive Weapon & Travel Pack

Gamers who pre-order Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One via UK Retailer, GAME will be treated to exclusive DLC Content including a brand new weapon – Gae Bolg as well as a Travel Pack Item.

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Bahamut975d ago

Okay... this is messed up. I just put down FFXIV like 5 minutes ago, after spending all day trying to upgrade my Gae Bolg dragoon spear, and I take a second to read an article and this...

kayoss975d ago

if you click on the link one of the exclusive weapon offer with this package is a Final fantasy xiv weapon the Gae Bolg. The one that he spent time leveling up. to him it is a coincident

Eiyuuou975d ago

Do they also get the Masamune?

trywizardo974d ago

i want more details about the DLCs,and if there are a season bass ...