Shippin' Out August 25-29: Infinite Undiscovery, Disgaea 3

Things are picking up on the retail release front. After three straight weeks of slim launch schedules highlighted by notable games, August gets its first cluttered slate of new releases, with at least a half-dozen games sharing the spotlight.

The Xbox 360 has traditionally been a bit weak in the Japanese role-playing game category, but this week the system sees two major releases on that front. Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia will ship to stores on Tuesday, and Square Enix's Infinite Undiscovery heads out on Friday and should make a rare weekend debut on shelves.

The PlayStation 3 also features a bit of J-RPG flavor this week, thanks to the release of NIS America's tactical strategy game Disgaea 3: Absence of Darkness. The current-generation debut for the series will retain the lighthearted-yet-sinister style of its predecessors, as well as the 2D sprite characters in isometric 3D backgrounds.

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NewSchoolGamer3764d ago

looks cool although from the vids I really don't see it being THAT good but it will be AWESOME!!!.

slave2Dcontroller3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

360 has some AWSOME RPG's; Eternal Sonata(YES I LIKE IT!), Lost Odyssey, and now Infinite Undiscovery. I didnt forget about Blue Dragon, just wasnt diggin the art direction. Star Ocean is on the way as well. I gotta hurry up and get a 360 but I got something to help take care of before I buy one. Shuckz

TheColbertinator3764d ago

Two good RPG franchises coming up.

Chris Hansen3764d ago

Steven Colbert....
Sorry, but there's only room for one celebrity at N4G.
Take a seat.

HuntTheWumpus3764d ago

There is only one way to settle this.

Celebrity Death Match!

OnTopic: Both of these RPG's look great. I disagree with the summary on this article however. "The Xbox 360 has traditionally been a bit weak in the Japanese role-playing game category." I think it's been the strongest console this gen in the Japanese RPG genre. One of the reasons I am buying one.

theKiller3764d ago

to release JSRPG!! at least it will counter the 360 JRPG in japan and both will have higher sales, but ps3 will still crush 360 in sales!

RPG Guy3764d ago

And tanked with 100,000 copies sold...that's worse than Valkyria Chronicles just for the record. Should I declare flop? Naw, I'm probably buying it, so I'll cut it and your PS3 fanboy butt a break.

HuntTheWumpus3764d ago

haha RPG Guy. Sometimes the slow are easy pickings.

RPG Guy3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Is certainly on my list of things to do...during my first week back at college ;P

EDIT: lol @ the moron going around disagreeing with EVERY pro-360 RPG comment today. Freaking loser. That took all of 15 seconds for Steven Colbert and I to get a disagree to our comments. Just sad.

TheColbertinator3764d ago

Don't worry about it RPG guy.Lets just keep gaming and move on.