RPGFan:New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

Chris Winkler:

"Three weeks ago at its DK Sigma 3713 event, Square Enix announced a tie-up with fashion brand Roen. The unnamed protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is wearing a suit modelled after a real-life Roen-branded suit."

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theusedfake3734d ago

of this game, the more i want it.

RPG Guy3734d ago

T-minus 378 days and counting...hopefully, probably longer. *sigh* why do you torment me Square? This is priority number 1 this gen for JRPG gaming for me!

Harry1903734d ago

is not really a regular JRPG you know. It's mostly action oriented. Shouldn't make it any less awesome.

PoSTedUP3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

i love the Lord also : )...god bless you.

im getting FF vs 13 cause i never really played a ff game and i just learned about them so FF vs 13 sounds cooler cause you get to be the bad guys ya know and plus i only own ps3 exclusives! ps3 exclusives ftw! and im not lying i own... HevnlySwrd, Motrstrm, mgs4, warhwk, mlb08 the show, resistnce, unchrted and thats it. no need for multiplat games right now, not with socom right around the corner! hoo rah! but i am soon to get a whole lot more like Ridgracr7 and R&C and hots shots golf etc. i want to own most of them cause there are alot of good ones i dont have still.

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The story is too old to be commented.