The CPL Is Coming Back?

NextGen Player writes:

"Just announced today the Cyberathlete Professional League has been acquired by a Middle Eastern Investment Group and is planning a come back (full release).

Keep an eye here for more details as they become available."

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outlawlife3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

i don't care how "hardcore" you are, or how much marketing companies try

gaming isn't a professional sport, or a sport at all is an activity of recreation and nothing more

stories about kids dropping out of school to play guitar hero or halo professionally are sad, they don't realize that to actually turn a profit on these endeavors you have to win pretty much constantly and you barely recoup travel costs

sponsorships are few and far between because companies realize that this just isn't going to catch on so they aren't going to advertise when people aren't paying attention

cpl, mlg, your isn't working