Kombo Review: Disgaea 3

Kombo Writes: "NIS has finally brought over their flagship PS3 title with the arrival of Disgaea 3. Hardcore followers of NIS and RPG fanatics have become well accustomed to the Disgaea series over the years, and, thankfully, the latest installment doesn't venture far from the previous incarnations. Allow me to introduce Mao -- the son of the Overlord -- who is hell-bent on defeating his father and gaining the title of Hero. Why does he want to kill his father you ask? Well, to be blunt, his father stepped on his SlayStation Portable and, in doing so, caused Mao to lose his precious save data of over 4 million gameplay hours. This, of course, sends Mao into a state of rage and he swears he'll destroy his father by becoming a hero. Unfortunately, demons aren't accustomed to becoming heroes and, thus, Mao begins researching what a true hero characteristics entail, which he finds out are justice and love -- two things demons don't understand. To help quicken the hero transformation process, Mao finds a Fake Hero journeying through the Netherworld named Almaz. Quickly, Almaz is taken as Mao's slave and must help him gain the title of Hero."

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TheColbertinator3762d ago

Glad to see this game getting good reviews.I hope it also turns out good for Valkyria Chronicles.

joemayo763762d ago

sweet just a few more days.... :D :D

Bombibomb3762d ago

Getting it tomorrow. :D I know I'm gonna lose like 500 hours of my life to this one lol.

princejb1343762d ago

i played part 1 and 2 and took up alot of hours, it can get very addicting, especially since the max level 9999

RPG Guy3762d ago

I love RPGs, JRPGs in particular, but I'm not totally fond of SRPGs. Good score for a solid franchise.

Jinxstar3762d ago

SRPG? Strategy? Like Tactics or something else?

KillaManiac3762d ago

Yes...the Disgaea and FF Tactics series are both Strategy RPGS.

Disgaea has about 10x to do though. Random Item World Dungeons and TON of sidequest stuff FTW!

Very Eager for Disgaea 3 to be in my hands tommorow!

theusedfake3762d ago

to pick this up tomorrow,
I've never played a Disgaea
game before. Hopefully I'll
like it (pretty sure I will
since I like SRPGS). :)

MattyF3762d ago

You will love the game if you like SRPGs.

RPG Guy3762d ago

If you're an SRPG fan, you'll love it. If your cup of tea is the more tradition RPG (FF, etc) like me, you may not like it. Totally based upon taste.

theusedfake3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@MattyF & RPG Guy

thanks guys :D


Homicide3762d ago

The series is pretty great and funny. Make sure you have lots of time to devote to the game. They take over 100 hours to beat.

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[email protected]3762d ago

I can't waitttttt for tomorrow but I can't pick up until wednesday late on the day but I know I'm going 2 have fun 4 sure.

Homicide3762d ago

The funny thing is that this game looks like a PS1/2 game, and it's getting better scores than all the JRPGs and SRPGs on the 360. That should tell you something.

Obama3762d ago

It's getting a lot more positive reviews than too human for sure, and this game had been in development for 1-2 years?

Montrealien3762d ago

Disgea is the definition of niche gaming. But what it does, it does it damn well.

PopEmUp3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

is that Disgaea Fan been shouting out it's doesn't matter if the graphic is 2d but all they care is the solid game play that they've played since PS2 but as majority of the fans they don't really care about hd in this game

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