Disgruntled Gamer: Where Gaming is Going Wrong Online

VGChartz's Brandon J. Wysocki: "Maybe some of you relate to what I’m saying here, or perhaps I’m coming off like an unkempt man standing on a street corner holding a piece of cardboard proclaiming the signs of the ‘End of Days!’ In truth, while I am often unkempt, I don’t see this as all doom and gloom, but as a growing issue that deserves some attention before it goes too far. I’m not living in constant fear of the end of gaming, I’m thoroughly enjoying it in its present state, but I want to make sure we all can continue to do so until the real ‘end of days.’ Online functionality for games should serve primarily to enhance and expand the ways in which we engage with our games as well as our fellow gamers, not restrict it; however, in the examples I have mentioned, it has unfortunately done the latter."

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timmyp53978d ago

single player lifestyle for me