The Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Firefight Beta is Available Now

An ambitious new multiplayer mode is coming to Halo 5: Guardians, and fans can get an early taste this weekend! Warzone Firefight stands primed to offer the biggest Halo cooperative experience ever in the franchise’s storied history. In Warzone Firefight, up to eight players will work together to complete five rounds of increasingly difficult, dynamic objectives set against a timer to emerge victorious. Since its reveal, players all across the world have been champing at the bit to get a taste of this evolved PvE experience, and now we’re happy to share that, from April 14 through approximately 10AM PT on April 18, we’ll be offering all Halo 5: Guardians players a chance to do just that with our special Warzone Firefight Beta.

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sammarshall102950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Halo 5 multiplayer is world-class

christocolus950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Just got home from work. booted it up. playing right now. It's a blast, so intense..

sammarshall102950d ago

It's crazy good and this game just keeps on giving

DonkeyWalrus949d ago


Interesting how a dev can create the illusion that they are giving you new free content when they simply don't include any of the content that should have been there since the launch of the game. At this rate they just might finish making Halo 5 by the time Halo 6 comes out

christocolus949d ago


Lol. They give free content and yet you complain. If it was barebones at launch the community would have since dried up and abandoned the game but yet the community keeps growing and the number of Halo players online has been very robust since launch. I hope they keep giving us free stuff until Halo 6 arrives.

Great job 343i

DonkeyWalrus949d ago


Halo 5 was absolutely barebones at launch, and the community has dried up and abandoned the game. Why do you think 343 recently had to remove region lock for Halo 5? Because the game doesn't have the numbers to support it. Halo 5 can barely hold 10th place on Xbox Live most played games, compared to say Halo: Reach which never fell below 3rd place until Halo 4 came out.

Halo 5 at launch had hardly any content. A 4 hour campaign, Arena with only a few playlists/gametypes, and Warzone with only 3 maps. No Forge, no Firefight, no split screen, missing many game types like KotH, Oddball, Assault, Grifball, Infection, BTB, etc. No Campaign Theater, no file browser, no daily/weekly challenges, very limited customization options for Armor, Emblems, etc. compared to previous games... do I need to go on? These are all things Halo fans expect to be there at the launch of a new Halo game.

The Forge they did eventually release can hardly even be called Forge, it's more like some sort of dev tool, with overly complicated controls, no prefab buildings, missing a lot of standard Forge pieces, no trait zones, etc. The whole point of Forge in the past was that it was supposed to be easy to use so that anybody could go make their own maps.

343 shouldn't be praised for giving out this "free content" all they're doing is giving us content that should've been there at launch. They released an unfinished game, and here we are 6 months later and the game still isn't finished.

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Vasto950d ago

Just played my first match and had a blast!

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