Paper Mario: Color Splash or Color Trash?

Paper Mario: Color Splash has had quite the controversial introduction. Is the game worth following or is it dead from the start?

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blawren4741d ago

When does this game come out?.....let's all schedule a meeting to talk about it then and keep an open mind.

Thank you!

LOL_WUT740d ago

Before the new Zelda game. I will be picking this up, but I agree it doesn't look like the traditional Paper Mario game. ;)

ZeekQuattro741d ago

Its in the same boat as 3D World in my eyes. People are overreacting and saying its bad before it releases mostly beacause its not a TTYD follow-up kinda like people flipped shit that 3D World was not Mario 64 2 or Sunshine 2. lol

KentBenMei740d ago

Trash if it is like Sticker Star.