Pet Ownership and You! Eyepet Screens Surface

Kotaku writes:-

"Last week McWhertor told you about little interesting concept that Sony's been working on that they unveiled at Leipzig. The game is called Eyepet and basically it allows a person to interact with a creature using the PlayStation Eye camera. Screw guinea pigs and hamsters, why clean up after a real pet when you can have one on your TV. Eyepet promises to have all of the perks of pet ownership without any of the mess. Below you will find images of what the little critters look like."

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jorge13753763d ago

i dont think this is interesting i think you did a poor job.

blackbeld3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

i agree with you. ohh did u watch the eyepet video at gc? its a funny game.. good game go check it out at youtube...

themyk3763d ago

just go to the AU store and download the video.

Chris Hansen3763d ago

Anyone wanna upload the screens? I made an oath to never visit Wokatu again.

Blackcanary3763d ago

its the same cat monkey from the video Sony should.

SmokeyMcBear3763d ago

I believe they are called.. monchichies

poopsack3763d ago

wow they will never post the video will they, they'll just continue to ignore it forever because that video has changed the mind of almost everyone I know. Me: Its about this this and this. Person: Oh that sounds ok/ stupid. (Shows video) Person: OMG! I needz it!

themyk3763d ago

dude log into the australian store and download it. you have to have an australian account. right?

Microsoft_Spokesman3763d ago

Eyepet looks very interesting to use.And looks pretty fun and cute too.

HuntTheWumpus3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Suuupperrr cuuutte!

That thing is so cute I want to skin it, put it in a stew and eat it!


The kids are going to love it!

Sony would be smart to package a stuff animal of that and have a clear box to where the kids can see it when they are shopping. It will give Webkins a run for its money.

Zeevious3763d ago

Sure would make some pimpy seatcovers!

(Drawn Together 2004-2007 - pity that)

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The story is too old to be commented.