Nidzumi: Super Swing Golf Review: Mish-Mash Scores Par

Nidzumi writes: "It's a tad Cliché but Super Swing Golf leaves you with an indifferent feel towards it. On one hand it's a fairly proficient Golf simulator that can be enjoyed by anyone who remotely has an interest in the sport. Yet on the other hand it's a poor ported version of a free PC game called Pangya albeit with motion controls.

As aforementioned Super Swing Golf is for all intents and purposes a great golf game. The controls feel very natural from the easy power indicator as you raise your swing to the simple button press to launch the ball skywards. They work very well and make you feel more in control of the game and most importantly they are easy to pick up and get into. You'll feel like anyone could get into the game and instantly have a fun time. Which works great in the numerous multiplayer modes on offer."

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