Gaming Age Review: Carnival Games DS

Dustin Chadwell Writes:

"Carnival Games on the Nintendo Wii ended up being a slightly surprising success, in that it wasn't particularly well loved by the critics, but managed to be enthusiastically gobbled up by the mainstream gaming crowd. Made up of a collection of mini-games with a Carnival/Circus theme, it sold a hell of a lot of copies, and it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that a DS version of the game has now hit store shelves.

Like its older brother, Carnival Games on the DS has a variety of mini-games to participate in; with over 20 or so that are more or less distinct from each other, including a few brand new ones strictly for the DS. However, while there were a couple of gems on the Wii version, the gameplay doesn't translate as well to the small screen, mostly due to the fact that controlling things with the stylus obviously doesn't compare to the various motions and movements that could be performed on the Wii."

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