The Force is Strong: Demo Impressions

GameXtract writes "So as many of you know, the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo was released not to long ago. I picked it up on my PS3, and began playing immediately. My first thought were that the combat was a bit dull, however, I've been wrong before. As it turns out, I was terribly wrong."

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thebigtarget13759d ago

ya this actually looks like a cool game... it had better force powers and lets you play as the dark side. how cool is that?

chaosatom3333759d ago

psi-ops was the prime example of how gameplay for lifting/throwing objects should be done but graphics weren't good.

In force unleashed, pretty good graphics, but clustered gameplay and not a smart A.I, left me puzzled.

i think they could have Picked a much better level that they gave us.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3759d ago

Only thing bad about Psi-Ops was the story. Everything else rocked, you guy squish guys with huge objects... they would burst into some blood and guts. Good humorous AI, good gameplay.

Surfman3759d ago

i just wonder what would be the life-time of the game... if its longer than 20 hours, ill buy.

CViper3759d ago

thats asking a bit much isn't it? 20 hours..?

TOSgamer3759d ago

I thought the demo was ok. But after playing bloody adventure games like God Of War and Ninja Gaiden the visceral satisfaction just wasn't there. It just felt kind of silly to be slashing people with light sabers and nothing would happen to them except that they fall back. I know being a Star Wars franchise they are going for a teen rating but honestly it just felt lacking.

chanto233759d ago

actually i read somewhere that the game can be finished in less than 6 hours!!!!...i read this on a review of the Wii Version of the game so i don't know if the 360/PS3 versions are the same

ForROME3759d ago

Graphics are good, story seems good, its solid at this point if I had to guess what it will get I would say,

8.8 our of 10

Baka-akaB3759d ago

Game is decent , shame the camera and targeting system is so lame ... i mean iron man lame ...

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The story is too old to be commented.