Console Monster: PDC World Championship Darts Review

Console Monster writes: "PDC World Championship Darts 2008 was previously released for the Wii (and every handheld/last generation console to boot) a few months back, and has now landed on the Xbox 360 for all you lucky gamers out there. Jumping straight into the game you will find that the previous poor presentation has been reworked to something far more appealing and easier to navigate. Every mode and option that an avid darts fan would desire has been included--everything from how many sets are played to the type of match can be changed at the flick of the analogue stick. Before you know it you are selecting a darts player and ready to throw!

All of the big star names from darts are present, from England's own Phil 'The Power' Taylor to Raymond van Barneveld of the Netherlands. Aside from the long list of professionals on offer, you can also create your own player using the create-a-character feature available. Unfortunately the feature is very shallow and results in a generic character with very little customisation options available. Whilst the choice of how the player holds the darts is a nice touch, it would be fantastic if there were more than a single shirt to pick from..."

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