Stephen Fry on why he loves his pink DS Lite writes: "Some people should stick to doing one thing well and not flaunt the fact they are brilliant at whatever they want to be brilliant at. Yes, we mean you Stephen Fry, who not content with international fame as a humorist, writer, actor, novelist, filmmaker and television presenter, is now getting into the swing of being a videogames expert too.

This weekend, his technology column, Dork Talk, in UK newspaper The Guardian, tackled the subject of the DS Lite - of which he confesses to have a pink version of, as it was the only colour he could find to buy. Still his analysis of the device is so well informed, we'd happily to offer him a freelance role on Pocket Gamer."

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Lucreto3735d ago

Stephen Fry FTW

I will enjoy listening to his voice on LBP.