Engadget Hands (and feet) on with ION's Drum Rocker Rock Band Premium Drum Set

Engadget writes:

"Rock Band 2 might not be out yet, but ION was kind enough to send us the new Drum Rocker Premium Drum Set a couple weeks early. Built like a tank, this thing makes the original Rock Band drum set look like the toy it is..."

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mindedone3763d ago

At what point do you just give in and buy a REAL drum set?

PlayStation3603763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Not with the "buy a REAL drum set" part. I believe everyone should learn an instrument (I for one learn Bass Guitar). However, my older brother (a drummer), who owns multiple drum kits (Ludwig and Pearl Master Customs), is in the look out for a good Electronic Drum Kit. He also likes Rockband. So what better way then to get a kit that can be used as an actual E-drum kit and be used for RB2? Sure, I know this is not for everyone. "Premium" means something. But I can understand those folks who would want to buy this.

mindedone3762d ago

I stand corrected. You make a good point. I didn't think of people who KNOW how to play drums purchasing it. +b

PlayStation3603762d ago

well actually he wants the E-kit for 2 reasons. He wants to practice drumming without making too much noise (friggin' neighbors) and also he has a 2 year old child who loves playing drums aswell. So an E-kit is a great choice, especially for his kid.