GameZone: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Nearly selling 2 million copies of the original Sacred, Ascaron Entertainment returns to their beloved franchise with a follow-up that is reportedly one and a half times bigger in size than both the original Sacred and its expansion pack, Sacred: Underworld combined. With more than 10 regions to journey through, players will no doubt become acquainted with environments where trolls and orcs call home.

But what makes Sacred 2: Fallen Angel so special that it'll attract everyone to play? Well let's dig deep into what may possibly stick out as redeeming traits for the title.

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Caspel3738d ago

very well written. I can't wait for Sacred 2 for the PC and consoles.

Raoh3738d ago

yea i was very happy to find out this is also coming to the ps3 and that its being worked on separately not just a port.

ironcreed3733d ago

If more folks knew the depth, size and content of this game, I have a feeling that it would be at the top of a lot more gamer's lists this year. Too bad it is been overshadowed by the hype storm of all the other big budget games. A lot of folks will miss out on this one, sadly.