Why The Xbox 360 Was Forced To Launch First

That Gaming Site discusses the various factors that forced Microsoft to launch the Xbox 360 so early and why it was forced to make the various development decisions it did. They also go into what Microsoft could have possibly added to the Xbox 360 had certain conditions never happened. Hit the jump for the story and to find out what these factors were, of course leave feedback!


The price is not wrong, it's the Canadian launch price, where the author is from.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3765d ago

And cause of that, they released crappy hardware

Elven63765d ago

By crappy I assume you mean faulty and if you do then you are correct! Although it seem's like the new Xbox 360s really don't suffer from that problem.

DJ3765d ago

To a current figure of 8~10%, but it's still early in the console's life cycle and there's no telling how many Xbox 360s will ultimately suffer from hardware failure. Also, that's a much higher failure rate than what the PS3 and Wii have, which is less than 1%.

power of Green 3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Well atleast they got the hardware choices right despite over looking a design issue, considering coming up with superior hardware in hurry ;)

I'm still mad at you for spearing Frodo, good thing he had that armor on.

silverchode3765d ago

the 360 is so superior that it has a 16% of breaking down. All hail the 360. :)

power of Green 3764d ago

MSFT wanted to get a head start due to PlayStations smothering hype, and in the effort of trying to get an edge the superior hardware of the 360 caused more heat then expected. The 360 is much more capable and they did not know it would warp the motherboard. lol

solidsnakus3764d ago

wow...just wow. hiphopgamer youve reached a new low with that comment. you try and hide that your not a sony fanboy and now you say this behind your fake screenname. im never watching your show again , and next time you post your show... reported as spam

AuToFiRE3764d ago

Still. there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to ship faulty hardware

solidsnakus3764d ago

well apparently you werent an early ps2 adopter cause the dvd drive in that was pretty faulty.

ScratchMarks3764d ago

"And cause of that, they released crappy hardware"

Back in 2000 Microsoft tried to dump a bunch of overpriced desktop PC parts in a big ugly box and tried to pass it off as a console.

With hardware that cost about double the PS2 and was almost two years newer in tech the Xbox was barely able to outperform the PS2 graphically only in areas like bumpmapping/shiny effects.

Microsoft racked up 4.5 billion or so losses over the 3.5 or so years the Xbox was on the market.

Microsoft was forced to pull the plug on the Xbox in June 2005 with only 24.5 million sold worldwide with sales mostly coming from the US.

Microsoft threw together a halfassed design for a new console that was released in Nov 2005

It was the first console ever to actually have less storage space than previous gen consoles with only 7gig per last gen DVD disc as compared to 8.5gigs for the PS2 and Xbox

It was noisy as hell

It scratched and destroyed discs

It had no support for modern movies like BluRay like the PS2 and Xbox had for DVD

The standard harddrive was removed

Off the shelf harddrives can't be used in the system so Microsoft can force owners to pay double for upgrades to the system

The poorly designed motherboard was defective by design with a failure rate never seen before in the console world

Microsoft wasted 1.1 billion more on just the crappy motherboard design defect

With Microsoft not having their own hardware manufacturing capabilities like Sony 360 production is spread accross various companies meaning people have no idea what they are getting. People are forced to find out by serial numbers which systems are supposed to be the 'good ones'

As of the first quarter of 2008 Microsoft confirmed in their quartly conference call that they were still losing money on the 360 hardware.

The 360 is selling at a virtually identical rate to the first Xbox disaster. The 360 is only 9 months away from when the first Xbox was canceled and they are around 5 million from the first Xbox worldwide installed base. So far in 2008 Microsoft has only shipped 2.3 million new consoles worldwide.

So after 7 years in the market and 7 billion dollars wasted, Microsoft:

* Is dead in Japan, again
* Is dead in Europe with the exception of the UK, again
* Getting almost all of their sales from the US, again
* Is selling at the same rate worldwide as the first Xbox

If Microsoft doesn't pull the plug on the 360 in the middle of next year they will probably be able manage a few million more 360 sales worldwide than the first Xbox.

Yeah, that 'launch first' strategy sure worked out well for Microsoft and the 360.

AuToFiRE3764d ago

actually i was, but the first one went to the RCMP for modchipping for obvious reasons so i never really had time to cause the read error. the second ps2 i gave away after i got the slimline

morganfell3764d ago

...and the xbox 1 dvd drive was a piece of crap also wannbee snake. Thompson Drive anyone?

Sitdown3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago ) should really get another hobby.....especially if you did not cut and past all that.

"It had no support for modern movies like BluRay like the PS2 and Xbox had for DVD " This comment alone is sort of poor...Microsoft gets bashed because it made the choice not to jump into a format war with equipment that was untested?

"So after 7 years in the market and 7 billion dollars wasted, Microsoft" Hmmmm, so its not unusual for companies to lose tons of upstart money in order to get their foot in the door?

All companies make mistakes......lets just hope that Microsoft continues to learn from their errors.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3764d ago

Give it up. No one forced them to do anything it was out of greed they released first because they wanted all the next-gen fans to buy their system first. It's a failure now they have scapegoat number 4,000,002 as to why their system is a POS. Take responsibility for your action MS you pushed the system to be released because you didnt care about down the road

waltercross3764d ago


Two wrongs don't make a right.
Sony fixed the PS2 issue in a hurry, but
either way just because sony did it
doesn't mean MS has to.

power of Competence3764d ago


Can you pass the bong over? That must be some pretty potent stuff to make someone that ignorant. It's almost like you take pride in continually proving yourself to be an idiot.

Nineball21123764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

"the superior hardware of the 360 caused more heat then expected."

That's quite an ironic statement. So, the superior hardware was faulty... mmmm,kay.

MNicholas3764d ago

YTD 2008 sales:

PS3: 6M
360: 4.5M

Projected 2008 year end sales:

PS3: 10M
360: 6.7M

Factors that can change these numbers:

-price drop
-significant change in features
-key software releases
-economic or other factors that affect consumer spending

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MAR-TYR-DOM3765d ago

can be detrimental!

BTW why can i not approve a story? Thanks for the answer in advance!

DaKid3765d ago

Have you summitted 3 articles that have been approved yet? If not you have to do that first before you get the right to approve.

JhawkFootball063765d ago

This story would of been good.. 2 years ago

GiantEnemyCrab3765d ago


Anyway, I love the 360, never had a problem, I get all the games I want and a great online service. I could care less why they were forced to launch early. The 360 has been filling all my gaming needs.

Elven63764d ago

Did you even read the article? Two of the options were really never brought up before.

DarkSniper3765d ago

Xbox 360 was launched first due to one single determining factor. Desperation. Microsoft showed a sense of unwarranted urgency to release what they call a "console" one year before next generation technology could become fully implemented. The reliability is the proof that Xbox 360 is a rushed, terrible, unreliable, putrid system.

Microsoft was well aware that if they had the testicular fortitude to launch in the same month with PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360 would be more of a critical and commercial failure than it already is. Either way, Microsoft has done the gaming community a disservice by launching such a crippled console to the mass market.

Only PLAYSTATION®3 gives you, the gamer a true dollar value for the best in gaming, online functionality and service. When it comes to grade A content, PLAYSTATION®3 has you covered with it's wide array of games and online content through the PLAYSTATION® Store.

Next generation started on November 17,2006. It's also when Microsoft's devilish reign of terror ended as well.


blackbeld3764d ago

Whatever they assume or predict... its just an excuse to say why 360 failed again and not being on second but on 3th place again... this article shows that 360 fanboys now making excuses for the sinking ship.. losers..... so pathetic.... PS3!!!!!!! plays beyond 360 imagination.. hahahaha..

morganfell3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Microsoft's number one marketing comment prior to the launch of the 360 was, "We will win the next generation by getting to the market first." That was the cornerstone of their plan. Even after launch they beat that drum continuously about how they would use this planned advantage. Now it is back firing.

First it began to back fire in evidence through a poorly constructed and tested console. Then it began to also back fire by demonstrating the electronic equivalent of progeria. Or Methuselah Syndrome if you are into Bladerunner.

What about saying we will win by having the best gaming experience? That wasn't the thrust of their comments.

Bellyaching that Nvidia is at fault for the way MS dropped Xbox owners is one of the most outlandish accounts of a move in the blame shift game to date. It requires Level III retardation (Severe) to buy into such a claim.

Sony said, "Go ahead and launch first. We will take our time. There may be delays. But we will bring next generation gaming built on future proofed superior technology and that is how we will win."

No one forced MS to launch. If you want to run with the big dogs you have to learn to piss in the tall grass. Otherwise, stay on the porch. At least one thing MS has failed to possess is vision, or at least a vision that lasts more than a couple of years. Look at Sony. Their PS2 is approaching a decade in age an still outsold the 360 on occasion in the US this year.

The PS3 will be around a long time. It was built to last. If the forerunner in the next console sequence is MS they had better be careful. With no next gen player and digital downloads not really realistic even 3 years from now, MS is in trouble. What are they going to do? License Bluray technology and pay Sony (and several other companies) for every player in every Xbox 720? The PS3 will be very relevant in 2-3 years. Are MS going to talk up the advantage of Bluray while the PS3 is running strong?

Timing is everything and the timing by MS was bad. It definitely cost them the format war and in the end it will cost them 1st and 2nd place in the console war.

theKiller3764d ago

"Why The Xbox 360 Was Forced To Launch First"?? well because they lost so hard with the xbox and being first means developers will have to make games for ur console first and learn the hardware first and to few millions units head start and to make the biggest failure system in the gaming history!!

Mr Bot3764d ago

MS launched the 360 so we(the bots) will have 1 year to laugh at u driods hahah ahahaha, since we were about to comment a mass suicide because of the failure of the xbox!

Mr Bot

Pain3764d ago

Rushed yes. M$ is greedy .

pixelsword3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

...I think if Microsoft launched a little later with a built-in HD-DVD drive that it would've been much more competitive with the PS3 today, and every cross-compatible game would've been much bigger and better. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray read speeds are also comparable. I still think that the 360 would be losing today, but only because the 360's problems were engineering-related; adding the HD-DVD wasn't going to save them there.

For example: in GTA IV, if you can fit one city on one DVD, and HD-DVD could hold several times more, GTA IV could've been several times bigger. THAT'S why everyone was hyped-up about Eight Days, because Eight Days was going to take place over eight days, covering eight REAL-sized cities from New York to Dallas to Los Angles... That's (almost) the power the 360 could've had if MS was not so hasty.

THAT would've been great for us gamers and for us PS3 owners too, as now we have multiplatform games that could be much bigger if they weren't formed to fit on a single DVD.

The great thing is that because they didn't, the Format wars was shut-down early.


morganfell3764d ago

Well pixel I would agree with you about the games being bigger but I can't support anything that allows MS to stay alive any longer. They have consistently made the wrong choices and as long as they have a sayso they will keep making those bad choices and dragging down the industry.

foodbox3764d ago

Ha. You're talking out your arse, as is the author.

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Splenda143765d ago

i thought the premium of the 360 was 400 and core was 300

DJ3765d ago

The Pro SKU was $399, and Core SKU was $299.

DJ3765d ago

Ok, the Core SKU was $12.95 and the Pro SKU was "100 Billion Dollars!"