GameZone: N+ PSP Review

You are a nameless, faceless ninja on a quest to collect as many gold nuggets (yellow squares, actually) for each level and make your escape by activating the exit. Well, the little figure might not look like a ninja but the little black stick figure certainly moves as swiftly as a ninja and can even jump high enough to reach a platform. Grabbing as much gold and heading for the exit might sound like a simple enough task but it is far from easy and you had better believe that you will certainly die a lot in this game.

You see, what makes N+ such a challenging game is the fact that the environment itself is a giant puzzle you must solve and the fact that you are tasked with completing each level before your lifespan runs out with the timer plays a role in rushing you to your goal. In order to unlock the exit you must first touch the exit switch that is found somewhere within the environment. Again, this sound easy but there are levels where the exit switch is hard to reach or are near any of the game's many obstacles.

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