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Value debate looms large over Ratchet and Clank PSN

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty is a very interesting game. While the title itself is entertaining, what's most interesting is the now-familiar question it raises: what exactly constitutes a good gaming value? Braid, the controversial but beloved Xbox Live Arcade title, sparked debate over the pricing of downloadable games recently, and Quest for Booty further challenges the notion of dollar-per-hour value that is so readily imposed on downloadable games these days.

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Ben10543739d ago

it costs 1/4 of full games and is 3hrs long, so if it were a full game it would be about 12hrs long which is about as long as full games these days.
So yes it is worth it.... sorta

MazzingerZ3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Features audio in my language just that makes it worth the price as my daughters can play it with me, SONY is the best, at least when it comes to localization, and people still thinks the PS3 sells well in Europe beacause of "brand loyality"

...we have played like 10 hours...about half game (I think) so for me it's really worth it...10 hours because my girls are playing without my help, we're having a blast!...I'll play it myself when they've beaten it

ps. by the way, I hope people from Europe stop complaining about SCEE...we got this game, Bionic commando rearmed, Pixel junk Eden, then this week The Last guy + Linger in Shadows...I'm sure they haven't(will) purchased all those games....many just like to complain

f7897903738d ago

I'd prefer to pay $60 for the 12 hours though.

deeznuts3738d ago

Then buy it four times!

BlackTar1873739d ago

Hope everyone else feels the same. I'd buy another one if a new one came out tomorrow.

BigPenguin3739d ago

I got it 3 mins after it was posted in the store. R&C games are the reason I got a PS3. It was beyond worth it for me. And I have played it through 3 times now, keep finding new things. Also I love the... person who shows up in the final cutscene.

Rich16313739d ago

Yeah, I honestly did not expect that person to show up either. It was a pretty good twist that has me excited for the next one.

KingKirchner3738d ago

100% agree! I'm so hyped for the next game already just because the end is probably the BEST character Insomniac has ever created!

Figboy3738d ago

and to remain spoiler free for those that have yet to play it, i won't discuss it further here.

anyway, i thought QFB was pretty good.

i wasn't disappointed in the length at all, afterall, i just paid $12 to see the hour and a half long Tropic Thunder (which is hilarious), so paying $15 for a 4 hour game that i can play at my leisure was a no brainer.

it's not that i wish it was longer, i just wish there was more to it.

i was kind of disappointed that my weapons took all of three minutes to max out, and there were no options to upgrade them past level 5, like in TOD.

overall, it was a fun, entertaining game, and i'd like to see more of it's type, just maybe not with the expansive universe that is Ratchet and Clank (i miss the planet hopping).

Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter would be perfect for this sort of treatment, and would give Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog, respectively, an opportunity to gauge the interest level in their classic franchises, and hopefully deliver a full blown Sly and Jak experience to the PS3.

QFB is great value for your dollar. for the price of a movie ticket, you get to enjoy a fun game for a few hours, over and over again.

KingKirchner3738d ago


I'm guessing you never played Up Your Arsenal on PS2? Go buy it ASAP! You're in for a real treat. Possible my favorite Ratchet game, though TOD is close.

Figboy3738d ago

i haven't played UYA, or any of the games after the first outside of a few minutes, sadly.

i'll get to them eventually, as well as the remaining Sly and Jak games. i just didn't have the time or money to dive into them back then, and i don't have much time to game now.

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BiggDaddy3113739d ago

It is one of the best looking games on my PS3, I have fun playing through it and plus being kinda short allows for other people to breeze through while the BBQ is going down outside.

hunter213739d ago

well the game is awesome the graphics are great for a psn game but its a bit pricy for me. cause i just finished it like for 4 - 5 hours.

Figboy3738d ago

a $50 game at time of release, i beat in 4 hours. i returned it the next day, furious. especially because i couldn't get full refund back because it was open. fricking Gamestop.

i don't blame you for thinking $15 is a bit steep, but i don't know if you can label the 4 playthrough as a reason for thinking the price is steep. there are games that are about twice as long as that (ie, games like COD4, Gears of War, Heavenly Sword, etc), that are $60.

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The story is too old to be commented.