Want to Play the PS3 With Your Girlfriend? Try fl0w

Christopher MacManus writes: "At long last I finally introduced my girlfriend to one of the most advanced gaming consoles in the world. After spending thirty minutes messing with the EyeToy's video filters and showing off PixelJunk Eden, I decided to launch fl0w. I wasn't sure how well she would recieve it, but when I realized that fl0w is also a two-player game, I decided it was time for her to experience the Playstation 3 and the SIXAXIS controller. The following screenshots really give no justice to the stunning quality of the game overall - what you are seeing is merely a capture in a sequence of intense movement - sort of like pausing your HDTV. To get the full effect, it is advised that you bite the bullet and actually buy the game; it's worth it, and it's multiplayer through the Playstation Network, too."

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Rock Bottom3764d ago

Don't know about girlfriends, but my sister loves Tekken.

NanoGeekTech3764d ago

If you want to impress your girl or wife with the pS3......Porn in HD

..sounds stupid and maybe a little sick but the nicer and bigger your HD display.... she will be a fan of your PS3 for at least ten years>>>>>>

nos4speed3764d ago

Let me know how your tactics work.......Im doubtful :P

nos4speed3764d ago

is siren blood curse, 5 mins of that and shes in your arms and holding tight ;)

CViper3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Mine plays warhawk because shes not gay. ;) kidding kidding...

flow is fun, but I bet most girls can play some of the more complex titles out there.

Marceles3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

hah sure CViper, whatever you say...and mine beat MGS4 on Big Boss


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