GameGuru: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Hands-On

GameGuru writes: "Yes you may call in sick for the demo too! So those of you who don't casually scroll available demos on Xbox Live, you should start doing that. Because on August 21, the "The Force Unleashed" playable demo was available for download. We tried it out and now we are here to tell you what we went through as we played and scanned through the Xbox 360 demo of The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed started with that same old Lucas Arts Logo redesigned, swinging his red lightsaber around and throwing lightning with his both hands to create written Lucas Arts. It went to the main menu after that. We had a couple of options viz. to start the demo, adjust typical audio/video options and take a "Force Grip" tutorial. The tutorial taught how to use the force grip to make a menace of objects all around the air."

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