Amazon Introduces Release-Date Delivery

Market competition, do your stuff:

"Gamers have been asking for it and Amazon has answered the call., Inc. today announced that it will offer release-date delivery for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Fable 2 and Gears of War 2. For $5.98, Amazon customers can upgrade their shipping option for guaranteed delivery of these titles on the first day of availability to all addresses within the continental United States. Additionally, Amazon Prime customers will receive release-date delivery for free."

Report: Game and Player NewsConnect
Source: Business Wire

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wetowel3740d ago

sweet hopefully amazon will eventually do this with all games. Also can learn and thing or two from

sack_boi3739d ago

what's the point, why not just walk to a shop and buy the game?

ThichQuangDuck3739d ago

To avoid crowds, save gas money, It is just nice to have something shipped to your house release date and not have to worry.

Statix3739d ago

I think I'll just pick my games up at the store (e.g., Gamestop or Target, etc.). It's not like there are any coupons or savings from buying from Amazon anyway.

PimpHandStrong3739d ago


i dont shop online but still

thats nice

Adamalicious3739d ago

I'd like release day delivery in concert with super-saver shipping. You can do it Amazon!

magikmark83739d ago

Of course, you do save if you buy from If you go to the store to buy games in the US it's about $64.00 & if you buy from amazon your really paying $59.99 without tax & free shipping.

GrumpyOla3739d ago

till about 2-3 months ago.. well at least for NY.. Now they add about 5% tax on the invoice.

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The story is too old to be commented.