400° Preview of New XBox Experience + LIPS

RPG-TV got a briefing last week on the Xbox Live Experience and was told that the Fall dashboard update would be hitting in November, i.e. this fall.

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GUNS N SWORDS3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

only 3 months and 7 days away, about the same time for gears2 as well, sh!t i can't wait to get both.

november looks like it's going to be the month.

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Stryfeno13737d ago

Nice, Gears 2 in the same month...Cant wait. It's going to be a good November for Xbox 360 owners.

BigKev453737d ago

Dam, looking good for 360.... Looking bad for PS3.

whoelse3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I would rather have Home (plus PS3 firmware updates) than a 360 Fall Update.

And i would rather have LBP, Socom, Res 2, Motorstorm and WipEout HD than Gears 2.

TheMurderer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Home, though a good idea in theory, many not execute nearly as well as Sony hopes. Plus, the party system pales in comparison to what Xbox Live does.

And I would rather have Gears 2, exclusive Fallout 3 content, more GTA IV content, Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, Age of Conan, and many others than Resistance 2, LBP, and Socom.

By the way, I think the PS3 is a great machine, and Sony is trying their best. But they've fallen fairly short. ::Sigh::

StrikingDmc43737d ago

cares what you rather have mkay

RoidRage3736d ago

Really? I would rather have testicle acne than a PS3, Homo, or any of those flop titles.

sak5003736d ago

I'd rather have games annouced last year and get to play in a year than games/features annouced at launch 2 years back and still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaiting for it.

I'd rather see Aswoles bubbles to troll level of 2 than having 9

Droid3736d ago

ahahahah owned.

sak owned all u sack boy lovers!!!!

KBDuB3736d ago

Of course you would... -.-

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aggh im on fire3737d ago

Hardly news the updates are always in November.

TheMurderer3737d ago

There was a lot of rumor going around that the new update was coming out in September. This is just to confirm that it's not.


This update is massively anticipated - being the biggest update to a home console ever.

Thus people were anxious that the update may slip into next year just so MS could get it perfect - this news is excellent and puts minds at rest.

Trust Microsoft to come up trumps - well done guys!

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