Too Human is Good. weighs in with it's review of the controversial Too Human.

From the review: "Let's say there's a fence in the middle of an open field. On one side lives a group of very angry people that think the fence is horrible and needs to be taken down immediately. On the other side is a group of people who love the fence. Probably because it's keeping the crazy, angry people away from them.

This fence is called Too Human."

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Bombibomb3735d ago

Today's not Friday, Sarcastic Gamer.

Rock Bottom3735d ago

Too Human is Good

Any one see's what I see. :)

MaximusPrime3735d ago

surprise surprise, microsoft's own lame website, sarcasticgamer.

Really i dont want to see any more of sarcasticgamers' "reviews" "news" etc etc ever again on N4G

GamerSigma3735d ago

Wow, one good Too Human review and you're sent playing the biggest violin I've ever seen on a message board.

Cry baby... Cry... Cry me a river... LOL at you.

littletad3735d ago

It's most obviously "owned" by Microsoft.

RememberThe3573735d ago

Where do you get the idea that they are owned my Microsoft?

BigKev453735d ago


Beg For Mercy3735d ago

whats so funny to me is when a 360 game gets bad reviews everybody is running to its rescue you practically have guys making videos about it my god, when lair bombed that was that when haze bombed that was that no videos no defending it, i own all 3 and i fell asleep playing too human demo, yes it is a bad game like the press said, i played haze yes it was a bad game and i played lair and it was terrible with motion but with the analogs its a much better game, sad to see the media is so bias against the ps3.

JSA-Gamer3735d ago

Sarcasticgamer, if I remember, defended Lair...

lowcarb3735d ago

Well whats wrong with people defending something they like? I'm sure many enjoyed Lair and Haze just like many myself included are enjoying the heck out of Too Human. Sure it's not for everybody but there have been many games on 360 that didn't score well with know complaints by 360 gamers and even a time when PS3 fanboys called the review sites bias towards 360 reviews claiming they were anti Sony. The funny thing is people admit that Lair and haze were bad that picked it up and not anyone I've met here and on Live that actually purchased and played Too Human have ever said it sucks.

KingME3735d ago

"i fell asleep playing too human demo,"

It's lame garbage comments like that that destroys your entire statement. How the hell did you "FALL ASLEEP" play Too Human, unless you were already SUPER exhausted (For which you can't blame the game), or you're a crack head or something, I really don't understand how you can fall asleep playing a game where you are constantly battling and mashing buttons.

If this is true, perhaps you should see a doctor. Additionally, if 360 fans are speaking out for a 360 game that they don't feel is being justly reviews, then that's their right. Do you expect those same 360 fans to fight for lair or haze, NO that's what PS3 fans are for. So if you didn't see a video or rebuttal story, don't whine to the world, whine to you fanboy buddies.

To be honest with you, I don't see why sony fans give a damn whether Too Human gets a good or bad review. It's quite amazing to me to see the jealousy and negative reactions that this game is producing in the sony camp.

hay3735d ago

Well people have the right to defend games what they like. Where some offending reviews of MGS4 were on the loose there were waves of cries that we should trust our own judgment, ignore unfavourable reviews etc etc.
People are doing the same with Too Human. I don't have X neither didn't play the game but people may like the game no matter how much you want it to fail.

Play and let play.

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slugg3735d ago

That people who held off reviewing this game and didn't jump on the "Hate Too Human" bandwagon are tending to give it higher scores. The more I play the game, the more I like it, even though (to my shame) I almost bought into the negative hype and cancelled my pre-oreder. I am glad I didn't. After all the shooters and racing games (GTA 4 is just both together) playing something completely different is a breath of fresh air. If you are curious, at least rent this game and give it a chance! Plus, playing online with someone using a different class but similar level character in co-op is amazing!

Rock Bottom3735d ago

Like Gametrailers, IGN AU, OXM, Xbox World, GameSpy, 1up, gamespot and Xbox kings?!

Some of those where Too Humans biggest defenders, the thing is, you just can't accept the fact that someone hated a game you liked.

lowcarb3735d ago

There's nothing wrong with someone hating or disliking a game that other enjoy. People like it and if someone wants to talk down on it then they have every right to post there opinion. You need to get over the fact that people like this game and can say good things about it just like people can say bad things. The problem here is there's so much hating going on that the people that actually purchased the game and love it are being called fanboys or whiners for just stating they like the game. Once again many people like it regardless of the scores so get over it. I wouldn't be surprised if this game sells close to if not over a million copies.

Rock Bottom3735d ago

If you've read correctly, you'll see that I've never bashed him for loving the game.

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