Joystiq Hands-On: Killzone 2 Multiplayer

Killzone 2's multiplayer gameplay was shown off behind closed doors at the Leipzig Game Convention this week and Joystiq was there to get their hands well and truly on. As is customary for these breakdown sessions, Joystiq was given a short presentation by members of the development team.

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Meus Renaissance3497d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that if Guerilla get the Single Player right, this will be a 10/10 by a great deal amount of journalists. They all seem to, not just like it, but have been blow away. And you have to take into account the massive amount of expectation from this title - probably the most controversial game of this generation, and its delivering?

Sony must market this game as heavy as Microsoft did with Halo. And in the commercials, have on the screen "In-game visuals. Believe" as opposed to the usual CGI nonsense we see

Luca Blight3497d ago

Even if this game is only decent like the original Killzone (although I enjoyed it - 8/10), it could really sell based on visuals alone. Show LOTS of in-game clips especially highlighting battlefield chaos (explosions and dropships swooping in), buildings collapsing (which they've done more convincingly in KZ2 than any other game I've seen), etc...

Of course, I'd like for the game to be critically acclaimed too, and it seems like everyone likes it so far (Gamespot, Joystiq and Kotaku?!), but we'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed (multiplayer looks awesome!).

jtmill073497d ago

All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

CViper3497d ago

We all know that Halo3 was no where near the level of technical achievement/gameplay achievement beyond your basic fps, and thats not to say that there is anything wrong with that, but the marketing definitely is the main reason for the sales.

But what will set Killzone2 apart from the herd of other fps's is clearly the visuals, delivering something people have never seen before that they can interact with and good advertising will suit this title well.

marinelife93497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I agree. And If I were Sony I would go ahead and call it a Halo killer. Name association is huge in advertising and why not attach it to the biggest name in First Person Shooters.

Some people think that Halo is overrated this will give them a great alternative.

I still wonder how they were able to pull off the exact same visuals online as off.

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DavidMacDougall3497d ago

"Killzone 2 is an exceptional multiplayer experience"

"lag was non-existent"

"(incredibly) pretty explosions"

"Despite the lack of headsets, teamwork was prevalent"

Loves it 1st day buy for me. PLAY BEYOND!!!!

morganfell3497d ago

Already paid off. I loved the first one despite it's flaws and can't wait for this.

THC CELL3497d ago

I cant wait for this game

Clan feature is amazing

that sniper nice

DavidMacDougall3497d ago

I like the squad system the best you pick it like the way Battlefield Bad Company should have been.

But typical EA they draw your attention with something new (destroyable environments) then fu{k the rest of it but they dont care by then because you have already bought it

akaFullMetal3497d ago

i sure can't wait for 09 for this

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