OXM: WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 Preview

The Miz, co-holder of the WWE Tag Team Championship, stabbed his foot into his bloody opponent's shin. As his foe clutched his newest wound, Miz pulled him into a headlock and slowly, methodically twisted his adversary around until he stared helplessly at the arena's rafters. Then, adding insult to injury, Miz swiveled his hips for five humiliating seconds before dropping straight down - and driving his rival's head into the mat.

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belal3766d ago

miz is not wwe tag team champ anymore ;)

its now zack and the other dude

Wurider3766d ago

wrestling games just don't lend themselves to coming out every year. The Smackdown vs. Raw series haven't really evolved and what fool would buy a wrestling game every year. I say every other year.