Tom's Games Review: Space Siege

Travis Meacham Writes:

"I'm not a fan of the recent casual gaming craze. Sure, Peggle will keep me busy while I'm waiting on a pizza delivery or installing a better game but I don't sit and play it for hours or take anything away from the experience. Casual games are a nice alternative to sitting and staring. While they're fun and they kill time, they don't draw you in or offer any lasting memories. With all that in mind I'm prepared to classify Gas Powered Games' new title Space Siege as a casual game. It's an anemic action RPG with repetitive environments, lackluster enemies and a familiar sci-fi story. But it's also a fun game.

The story driving Space Siege is a mix of the two most common science fiction elements found in books, movies and other games: xenophobia and fear of technology. The Kerak, a generic insectile/crustacean aggressive alien race, attacked the Earth and destroyed all human life save for a single colony ship, the ISCS Armstrong, which slipped through the invasion. As the Armstrong was escaping the Kerak launched a pod full of alien warriors that attached to the hull and allowed the aliens to board the ship. You play as combat engineer Seth Walker and when Space Siege opens you're immediately tasked with defending the Armstrong's engines from the Kerak boarding party so the ship's A.I., known as PILOT, can fire the main engines and escape the Kerak fleet."

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